100% organic tampons
delivered through
your door.

100% organic cotton tampons for when you’re on your period, game-changing cycle care for when you’re not.

Your period products, delivered through your door (for free, babe), every damn cycle. Whether you’re after 100% organic tampons that are as naked as the plant they came from (read: bleach-free, just the way your vagina likes ‘em) or something to soothe your cramps, we’ve got your back. 100% organic (& 100% bullshit-free) period products for when you’re bleeding, game-changing cycle care for when you’re not.

hot commodities

The holy grail of organic tampons.

100% organic cotton tampons

100% biodegradable, natural tampons

unscented & unbleached tampons

superior leak protection

regular, super & super +

delivered to your door for free & no tampon tax (‘luxury’? who are they kidding)

your period,
for you.

Choose your organic products, bespoke to you.

you pick the organic tampon type, number, and mix ‘n’ match absorbencies.

Pick your delivery date; makin’ it work for you.

choose how often you want ‘em delivered.

Your box will be delivered through your door, no strings attached.

edit your kit, skip a month, or deactivate whenever.

where the babes are.

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