No eucookie

let’s make some noise.
let’s create change,

we love working with incredible creators, activists, and influencers who agree that everyone deserves to manage their period sustainably, ethically, and without shame. if you’re active on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, blogs, podcasts or any other platform and passionate to make change, then this may be for you.

how does it work?

simple – join the conversation. share the mission with the world by being your passionate, creative, honest self. let’s save vulvas from toxic tampons and pads, save uteruses from themselves (bye-bye cramps), and save the planet from plastic period products, one casual chat at a time.

whilst we know doing good feels good, we’re got some extra perks for you too (after all, you’ll be our VIP babes):

ohne gifts, free boxes of product and discount codes to share with your community (and for you of course too!)

high commission on all the core product sales you generate, from 20% - 80%, varying by product.

on top of the commission you make for period product sales generated, we donate £1 to an aligned charity on your behalf.

VIP invitations to ohne events

frequent features with full credit across ohne platforms

first-to-know on all ohne product drops, and first-to-try if you’d like too!


the proof is in the pudding

one of our change-makers started working with ohne when she had an Instagram following of 13,000. on the first day she offered a gift of a free box of 100% organic ohne tampons to her community; 1% of her followers jumped on the offer! that resulted in commission of £665 for this ohne babe, plus an additional £113 donated to charity, on her behalf. we’ve been working with this wonderful gal every month since then.


we can’t bloody wait to work with you.

*note: you don’t have to have a period to join us at ohne. uterus or no uterus, periods or no periods, all that matters is your passion.

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