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bliss bar

20mg CBD

period self care is the new black

now available by popular demand, this mouthwatering blend of CBD, dark chocolate, and vanilla is the treat you deserve when you’re on

bliss bar is a vegan, full-spectrum CBD dark chocolate bar. a must-have for anyone who could use some serious self-care while they’re bleeding or PMS-ing and anyone who loves to treat themselves (which we hope is all of you).

free standard delivery, through your letterbox, with (or without) a period product subscription. add your pro-period CBD chocolate to your subscription as a one-off, or purchase on its own if you’re just after the ultimate self-care snack.

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from £6

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CBD and me, a love story

here’s to the guilt-free munchies.

animal-lover friendly: bliss bar is vegan and cruelty free

gluten free

70% cacao dark chocolate with natural vanilla flavouring

handmade in London

20mg of full-spectrum CBD

no additives or preservatives

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