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I’m Louisa, the Social Community Lead here at ohne. That basically means I’m in charge of all things social – be it the virtual, like Instagram, or the irl, like running our events and meeting all our wonderful ohne babes in person. We thought we’d show you a little peep behind the curtain at what an ohne event is like BTS and how we go about deciding what activities, discussions, and partnerships you guys would enjoy seeing from us.

Last week we hosted an event at Glow Bar in London. It was one of our best events of the year so far (I know, I know, it only happened in February, but we hold ourselves to high standards here at ohne HQ so I’m expecting us to outdo ourselves soon!) because it’s such a treat to find a brand that resonates so much with your own – ohne and Glow Bar are literally long lost twin sisters and it was a bloody delight to work with them. Shout out to Sasha Sabapathy, the founder of Glow Bar, as well as all the amazing people who came along and got involved.

Louisa with ohne-orange (obviously) flowers


So… how do we go about organising something like this?

The process for setting up an event can range from small, intimate events set up with short notice to an event like this week’s one with Glow Bar that we’ve had in the diary since November, if you can believe that! It’s super important to us at ohne that we partner with brands that we have meaningful connections with, and Glow Bar are exactly that for us. They stock our CBD and tampons in their amazing London base and, at the end of last year, we chatted about all the exciting ways we could grow the relationship between the two brands more. Since they were launching their new product, Yoni Milk, this February, which is all about balancing hormonal health, we knew it’d be the perfect opportunity for a hormone-focused event collaboration.

The main question I ask myself when planning events is ‘what have people not seen before?’ I always want to try new things and take risks, because it’s just so much more exciting than inviting someone to an event you know they’ll have been to three times that month already. Every ohne event is unique and individual, with some key personal touches thrown in (CBD hand massages, anyone?). We want people to leave thinking they’ve never done that particular activity before, and talk about it for weeks to come!

Naomi proving just how bloody instagram-able Glow Bar is


Getting ready on the day legitimately requires all hands on deck…

Other members of the ohne team are (thankfully!) always there to help me set up when I need it.

Naomi: ‘I don’t technically work in events at ohne but I do always end up getting involved, whether it’s helping Louisa source things like vagina and tampon-shaped macaroons, setting up tables and decorations, or showing guests how to make a vagina cupcake!’

Clemmie: ‘I’m head of B2B and partnerships at ohne, but when it comes to the events I put my events assistant hat on and do anything from organising the food and drinks to running to pick up cupcakes from LOLA’s cupcakes to sitting and blowing up balloon after balloon… the list goes on. I’m also always on hand to represent the brand and answer any questions the guests may have about the brand and products. It’s all hands on deck when it comes to setting up events – we want our guests to have the best time so we all pitch in any way we can.’

Clemmie setting up the oh-so-90s bracelet making station


For an event like our collab with Glow Bar, We prep from around 2pm, making sure it’s all ready and perfect before attendees arrive so we can get all of those important pics for Instagram… not to mention there is always last minute drama, no matter how prepared you think you are. It can be anything from horrendous weather preventing people from reaching you, to items not arriving on time. That ended up being the case with the Glow Bar event – our bead delivery for the 90s-style make-your-own beaded bracelets was late! You have to prepare for for these little last minute issues and make sure you’re always staying positive so you can resolve whatever it is quickly.

The best part about running events is…

I absolutely love watching everything come together and people enjoying themselves. It’s amazing to see plans that I’ve had in my head finally coming together after running around like a wild animal trying to get everything sorted! The buzz lasts beyond the event too, because you get the excitement of seeing people post on Instagram and talk about their experience there in their own words.

Naomi: ‘For me, the best part about events is meeting all the ohne babes who are always so kind about the brand! In my role in Community Experience I spend a lot of time chatting to customers over Instagram DM and it’s so exciting to meet the customers and influencers I’ve been chatting to online in person. My favourite moment so far has been meeting someone who said to me “I LOVE you guys, I actually messaged you a while back because, after I bought ohne, my periods finally returned – like our relationship was meant to be”. Those kind of connections are what it’s all about really.’

in case people forget where they are (answer: tampon heaven?)


I also particularly love events that have a cause attached to it – before joining ohne last year, I worked on a huge campaign for Pride which raised thousands of pounds for charities that will genuinely change people’s lives. I really can’t wait to do a similar thing with ohne this year. I think we have so much potential to really change people’s perception of what a period and cycles brand can be, and what people who bleed can look like (spoiler: there is no one way!).

The best part about our event with Glow Bar was…

It was amazing from start to finish! The room was busy from 4-8pm, full of amazing people discussing periods, cycles, and hormones. It seemed like everyone was becoming best friends with everyone else. I loved the panel talks with Nikki and Sasha from Glow Bar, and the enlightening discussion from Women with Sparkle about hormones. Everyone was so captivated, and afterwards it really opened up the room to talk about issues they’d maybe been having with their cycles. It made everything so worthwhile.

Clemmie: ‘The Glow Bar event was INCREDIBLE, it was so great to work with such an aligned company and to also interact with people from the ohne community face to face. My favourite part is always getting to chat about all things ohne, CBD, tampons, and wellness. At the event we had a panel discussion with Nikki, ohne co-founder, and Sahsa, the founder of Glow Bar, talking about hormones and how they affect our experience of our cycles. Afterwards, one attendee said: “why the hell aren’t we taught these things?! I’m so glad there are brands out there who help and educate women on their cycles and things we should be taught at school.” Stuff like that always makes you feel proud to be part of a company like this and events like that.’

The total coalition between us and the folks at Glow Bar was so unique – everything felt perfectly co-branded and our two teams worked seamlessly together. This can actually be pretty rare when you work with other brands, so it was amazing to see. That’s why we love Glow Bar so much!

co-founder Nikki (far right) talking about hormones with Sasha (centre) and Louisa.


Feeling jealous?

Don’t worry, we’ve got so many more events in the pipeline! If you reckon you’d fancy coming along to an ohne event one day, definitely keep an eye on our Instagram for announcements. We’re incredibly passionate about creating safe, inclusive spaces for everyone – so you are welcome regardless of your gender identity and regardless of whether or not you experience periods. We’d love to have you there.

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Social Community Lead

Louisa is the brains behind the ohne social media accounts, spearheads the ambassador programme, and the social butterfly organising all of our amazing, orange-hued, CBD-infused events. She’s a fierce champion of any female pop band and loves nothing more than reviewing books on her literary Instagram account.

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