CBD and Me: The Convert

Mar 21, 2019 | all, let's get natural, our community, period, pro-period CBD, wellness | 1 comment

I was super sceptical of CBD. SUPER sceptical. I have never really understood it or been that interested in trying it. I was completely convinced the hype was fake… But I have to admit, I am a convert. I am evidence that the hype is well and truly real.

I have always suffered – big time – with my period and never been a huge fan of taking medication. But I have complete trust in the babes at OHNE, so when they brought out the pro-period CBD oil, Anti-Teardrops, I decided to give it a whirl. My cramps have always just knocked me for six and, every period, all I usually want to do is lie down with Netflix and some hot tea. But Anti-Teardrops means I don’t have to anymore. It soothes my pain, it smells completely lush, and it works really fast!

I have used it in a bunch of ways – a few drops in the bath, on my skin, via my cervix – and it works! It totally calms my cramping and allows me to carry on with life – I even used it to cure a headache. My favourite way to use it is a couple of drops on my lower abdomen, and a couple of drops on my back. Bish, bash, bosh. I am back to functioning like a person again and I don’t even think about my period pain!

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Fran Calder

Fran Calder

OHNE Ambassador

I’m Fran. A student with a passion for all things sex education and vaginal health. I have always had a fervour for fun sex facts and will happily lecture my friends, family, partner, and anyone who will listen on everything I have learned. And I am all about keeping vaginas as healthy as possible. You can find me at @franiahollis on Instagram

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