CBD and Me: CBD-Coated Tampons FTW

Mar 5, 2019 | all, let's get natural, our community, period, pro-period CBD, wellness | 1 comment

CBD had always been one of those things that I’d hear people murmuring about every now and then. My ears would perk up, thoughts skipping from the cynical ‘that can’t be real, it just wouldn’t be legal’ to the amused ‘why would you use an oil if you could eat the brownies instead?!’

“I’d happily ditch all my other handbag essentials for CBD!”

It wasn’t until 2017 that I actually started to take CBD seriously. I found out that a family friend was using CBD oil in his therapy on his journey with cancer and realised that CBD wasn’t just another trendy product or wellness fad. It was really helping people. Skip ahead to early 2018, we’ve launched OHNE, we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to expand our brand to help people have the easiest, least stressful period possible, and we meet Shiona, the founder of Graces London, the UK’s pioneering CBD brand who have been researching and making CBD oils for 6 years. It just seemed like too much of a coincidence not to jump at the chance to make something amazing out of this. We decided we had to collaborate to launch a pro-period CBD oil (the UK’s first).

By this point I’d been avoiding mainstream painkillers for several years after an accidental paracetamol overdose (that’s a whole other story) and, like clockwork, every 5 weeks I’d experience two days of really nasty period pain with no effective way to deal with it. Then came the Anti-Teardrops CBD (I get it if you think I’m biased, you know, being the co-founder of OHNE, but the reviews really do speak for themselves babe!) Even though it’s a topical oil (intended for use on the skin), my go-to way to use it is actually adding a few drops to my tampon before I insert it… Hey, it’s organic and let’s be real, it’s way better for me than my ex. I’ll also combine this with rubbing a few drops into my back, where I feel the cramps hitting hardest – and I’m back to being a functioning human. I’d happily ditch all my other handbag essentials for this one!

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OHNE Co-Founder

I’m Leah, the co-founder of OHNE… and a self-confessed CBD addict (FYI, it’s not actually addictive). I’m that friend who’ll insist we all walk that extra mile in the wrong direction just to get to the cafe that uses organic coffee beans, so you know I’m all about organic, all-natural alternatives to pretty much everything. Period pain killers included.

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