CBD and Me: Migraines, My Own Personal Everest

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I have been a Headache Person for as long as I can remember. By which I mean, pain has been such a consistent feature in my life that it has become a part of my identity, a permanent fixture in the scenery of my life. I’ve had periods of my life where my chronic headaches have got so bad I couldn’t remember what it felt like to not have at least a low-level thrum of pain beating against my temples, eventually building to a crescendo of pure agony that would result in me lying in bed, in the dark, trying to meditate the pain away.

I was put on kid-friendly subscription pills for chronic headaches when I was a pre-teen. I’ve been ‘diagnosed’ with migraines by a doctor reluctant to let me go on the combined pill; and tension headaches by a doctor who told me, a frazzled and perennially tear-stained final year uni student trying to finish her dissertation, “just don’t get stressed.”  I was eventually told, ‘it’s okay to take pills for pain, you know,’ by a doctor who discovered I was trying to refrain from self-medicating. So I did – I popped paracetamol and ibuprofen like candy, never not carting around multiple packets of various over-the-counter pills that eased but never eradicated the pain in my head.

Look, we all know where this is going right? I mean, you know what company I work for. You’ve read the headline of this article. I discovered CBD and my poor little suffering brain’s life was changed. Now, when I feel the first twinges of pain coming along, I rub a few drops of CBD onto each of my temples and sometimes spread it down the sides of my face to just below my ears. Yes, it makes my face oily AF for about two hours and yes, it really does feel like a little pamper sesh I’m gifting myself.

I’m not claiming I’m now totally pain-free, because I still get some vicious premenstrual migraines and stress-induced headaches that break through the silky shield of CBD on my head. But I am telling you that nothing – and I mean nothing – has ever eased up my headaches like a few drops of CBD oil seeping into my skin. No two people will experience the effects of CBD in the same way, but to me? It feels like my brain is simultaneously cooling off and snuggling up warm, like running into the ocean on a hot day or sinking into a hot bath after a long run.

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