a letter from the founders: how we’re supporting our NHS workers 💌

Mar 30, 2020 | all, our community | 1 comment

Hey ohne babes,

We know this is a difficult and stressful time for everyone and we sincerely hope you’re all okay. We’ve been thinking about ways that we can help here at ohne – from ways to make your day brighter while stuck at home to ways to give back to those on the frontline of this pandemic.

At a time of crisis, the true heroes of society are being revealed. Caregivers, supermarket staff, delivery drivers, NHS workers. Individuals in low paid jobs are working around the clock and putting themselves on the front line, to protect and support people of the UK and worldwide.

We know that staff on NHS wards are working crazy long shifts, are exhausted and overwhelmed, and to top it all off, are struggling to access basic necessities like food and period products due to their work schedule and those miles of empty shelves in supermarkets. If you’re a human on the internet (so, uh, all of you), you’ll have seen the pictures of empty shelves, over-crowded parks, and headlines telling us all to go home. It’s a scary and difficult time for us all, and your period is probably the last thing you want to think about right now.

But what of the people who can’t go home, can’t go to the park, and can’t fight anyone for the last packet of mainstream (read: plastic and toxin filled) tampons in a supermarket because they’re too busy trying to save lives? Their periods still come too.

So, as a small gesture of thanks to these utter bloody heroes, we’ve decided to offer people working on NHS wards all over the UK free organic period products for themselves and their team.

Here’s how it works (it’s pretty simple): if you work on an NHS ward (no matter your role or position) and know that either you or members of your team are struggling to access their essential period products, get in touch either via this link to let us know where you’re at and what your team’s needs are. We’re sending out as many boxes as we’re bloody able to.

And if you don’t work on an NHS ward – you can help us by spreading the word! We’re hoping to make people’s lives easier, one tiny gesture (or one tampon!) at a time.

To all our wonderful ohne family in the UK and all over the world, we hope you’re holding up okay. If you’re not, if you need someone to talk to, or if you could just use a friend to make you laugh, please know that we’re always at the end of an email (babes@ohne.com) or Instagram DM (we can’t promise to make you laugh, but we can promise to try our damndest!)

All our love,

Nikki and Leah (and the rest of the team at ohne) xx
ohne co-founders

Nikki & Leah

Nikki & Leah

ohne co-founders

nikki and leah are the co-founders of ohne. they’ve been best friends since their first day of uni and are equally obsessed with all things organic. find out more about them and the story behind ohne right here.

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