how do you use CBD? a beginner’s guide to CBD

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How do I know which CBD is right for me?

So you want to use CBD. You’ve read the articles, seen all your besties sharing their experiences with it on instagram, overheard one too many people gushing about it over drinks, and thought OKAY FINE YOU GOT ME. I didn’t want to believe the hype but, if even the most cynical of my friends is queueing up to die on the CBD hype hill, who am I to object?

The only problem? You’ve got no idea how to begin.

That’s where we come in, swooping down into your laptop/phone screens with our orange capes flapping, brandishing our sacks of CBD oils, chanting put you first, put you first. CBD can be used for many different ailments and be incorporated into your life in many different ways, which is great, but can make it kind of intimidating for newcomers into the community to know where to start.

We’ve chatted a lot about CBD before, from answering your ‘is CBD legal’? questions to telling you all about how it works when it comes to helping your hormones, how it works for period pain (and in our humble opinion, kicks the ass of ibuprofen and the NSAIDs gang), and the science behind how CBD oil works in the first place.

Consider this your beginner’s guide to using CBD oil throughout your cycle. For aches and pains to mood swings and stress-induced anxiety, we’ve got tips for ‘em all, with the right CBD product to use for each ailment and our fave way to use it.

For all methods, if you’re new to CBD we recommend starting with no more than 2-3 drops and building up from there depending on how your body responds to it. You can build up to one full dropper.

CBD for period pain – aka help, my uterus is trying to torture me

The CBD: holy cramp. (the secret’s in the name)

Pop a few drops onto your lower belly or lower back (wherever you feel the pain the worst) and rub it in. Sit back n wait to be sooooothed. The ohne founders actually swear by popping a few drops directly on their tampons, but since holy cramp is designed to be a topical CBD oil (AKA for use on your skin), we don’t specifically recommend this!

Using CBD for stress management – aka my mood swings/stress/hormone levels are out of control

The CBD: yours, hormonally

While your hormones naturally fluctuate throughout your menstrual cycle, your reproductive hormone levels can become unbalanced by external factors such as stress, diet, and other ailments you may be experiencing. Side effects of hormonal imbalance can include dramatic, life-affecting mood swings; significant changes in your sex drive; hormonal acne; and an increase in the number or severity of your PMS symptoms (think swollen boobs, irritability, bloating, you name it).

yours, hormonally is a daily ingestible CBD supplement designed to help maintain balanced hormone levels long-term and throughout your entire menstrual cycle. Take 2-3 drops under your tongue every day and hold for 20 seconds before swallowing for maximum absorption. Alternatively, you can put your drops in your morning cup of coffee or even your nightly hot chocolate for a CBD and chill sesh before bed.

CBD for muscle tension – aka I’ve had a bad day and I’m holding all my angst in my muscles

The CBD: holy cramp

Stress can cause a lot of muscle tension. As we’ve covered before in relation to period pain, CBD’s relaxant and analgesic properties can work wonders on muscles that are giving you grief.

For an all-over-body relief from the aches and pains, we recommend treating holy cramp like your fave essential oil. Run yourself a steaming hot bath. Add your bubble bath or magnesium bath salt (also great for cramps) of choice and pop several drops of holy cramp in there. Take off your clothes (oo-er) and let the unique mix of essential oils and CBD in holy cramp strip all your worries away.

CBD for anxiety – aka I can’t stop worrying, stressing, and panicking

The CBD: yours, hormonally

Whether it’s a big presentation, work stress, family troubles, or your worrying going into overdrive, anxiety can have a serious effect on your ability to function “normally” (whatever the hell that means) in your day to day life. yours, hormonally, while originally intended to be a daily supplement that (as stated above) lends your hormones a helping hand in a long-term way, can also help out any stress-induced anxiety you’re feeling (sidenote: we are talking specifically about feelings of anxiety rather than more serious, diagnosed mental health problems such as Generalised Anxiety Disorder). As an adaptogen, CBD’s ability to support your adrenal system to balance your hormones and help manage your stress levels can mean that a few drops of yours, hormonally held under your tongue for 20 seconds can help to calm your nerves, help you regain calm for that all-important meeting, or simply switch off and chill out at the end of a long day.

CBD for migraines – aka my head is pounding, help!

The CBD: holy cramp

Whether you’re experiencing the menstrual migraine from hell or you’re a long-time sufferer of stress-induced tension headaches, a pounding head can be a total spanner in the works of your day/life. To soothe a pounding brain, rub a couple of drops onto each of your temples and wait to feel like your brain is getting a hug.

CBD for hormonal acne – aka my skin looks like that of an unfortunate teenager’s

The CBD: yours, hormonally

We feel you. Oh boy, do we feel you. If you suffer from hormonal acne or skin problems, you’ll know trying to combat it can feel like trying to solve a mystery with no clues. While our superstar ambassador, Gina Martin, has previously tackled period pimples for us here on fem space, we’ve yet to tell you why CBD could be that key you’ve been waiting for to the clear-skin kingdom.

As discussed above, stress can have a huge impact on the production of our reproductive hormones. Another key hormone that’s an important influence on whether or not you’re a balanced babe is cortisol, AKA the stress hormone, which is not only an important indicator of your daily wellness but interacts with the reproductive hormones in interesting ways. Stress causes raised levels of cortisol, which interferes with the testosterone pathway, contributing to oily skin and hormonal acne. Overproduction of cortisol can also lead to sleeplessness and even hair loss.

Taking a daily CBD supplement such as yours, hormonally could help regulate your hormone production and lower your stress levels, resulting in fewer pesky period pimples (try saying that five times faster). Again, for this one you’ll want to use the ingestible CBD oil daily, popping a few drops under your tongue and holding them there for 20 seconds before swallowing.

What are your fave ways to use CBD?

Did we leave out your fave way to use it? Got any surprise discoveries about the miracle properties and uses of CBD you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget – CBD interacts with the natural endocannabinoid system in your body, meaning it’ll work slightly differently for each person. For many of these methods, you can play mix and match – popping holy cramp CBD on your temples for a headache could just as easily work for stress, a CBD bubble bath for period pain, and you could find that your pesky tooth pain magically disappears around the same time your start taking yours, hormonally for your hormonal imbalances!

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