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You, us, and 2019. What a bloody year, babes. First up, a huge, huge thank you from the whole ohne team for all your support and all the bangin’ tampon selfies you’ve posted. We live for seeing you get your ohne deliveries and smash those boundaries with us.

2019 was the year that ohne turned one, we participated in the competitive Techstars 2019 programme, and we launched not one but two pro-period CBD oilsthe UK’s first. Boom.

What else? Well, we landed a f*cking exciting partnership with Oliver Bonas (yep, you can now buy all existing ohne products irl!) and kicked off the launch with an amazing party – just one of many orange-hued, vagina-themed, tampon-decorated, CBD-infused events we’ve hosted this year. We gave baby her first makeover in Autumn, complete with a new icon, a few branding tweaks and our website getting a bit of a facelift. Doesn’t she look dashing? Oh and, to put the maraschino cherry on the vulva-shaped cake, we only went and bloody doubled our team, going from utterly tiny to almost-able-to-fill-a-dinner-party sized!

There are so many things we’d love to tell you about this year we’ve head, but let’s hand it to some of the ohne team to channel their inner Pandora and Dolly and share their 2019 highs and lows with you…

ohne tampon fairies Clemmie and Louisa doin’ their thing


This year has been such a bloody whirlwind. On top of some really exciting partnerships with fellow feminist brands, appearing on more than our fair share of podcasts and getting more than our fair share of overwhelmingly positive press coverage, we participated in the TechStars startup accelerator programme which, in simple terms, is like a really fancy crash-course in how to make your brand the bloody best it can be. This was a bloody incredible experience, from the people we met to the razor-sharp focus it’s given us to head into 2020 with.

High: I f*cking love all things CBD, so launching our CBD oils and seeing the impact it had on our customers was amazing for me.

Low: not being able to launch every game-changing cycles product I want to, as fast as I want to!


I bet everyone says this but we’ve really had the most incredible year. We’ve faced some epic challenges but it’s just shown the resilience and passion from the team which is really heartwarming (sorry to sound sappy af!). This year saw us land investment from the founders of sex toy brand Lovehoney and fashion empire Matches Fashion, which was such a big win for us as a young brand and their expertise has been bloody invaluable.

High: Going to Lisbon at the end of the Techstars programme to pitch ohne to 15,000 people. Our slides didn’t load, we ad-libbed our way through, and everyone told us we were all the more memorable for having to wing it without visual aids!

Low: Going out for investment! There’s nothing quite like pitching a period brand to a room full of older men who turn green when you say the word ‘tampon’!

Community Experience

I started working with ohne in Autumn after being a brand ambassador for a few months and I have to say I’ve bloody loved both roles. I’m so excited to grow the community experience side of the brand and continue to have exciting and enlightening conversation with all of our ohne babes online.

High: my twins turned one this year and I feel like I smashed my first year as a twin mum. Seeing us reach over 12k on instagram was such a high for me too!

Low: Not being able to be the eco-warrior I’d love to be by getting a bike. But with three kids to cart around, I have to power through my fraught relationship with the gas-guzzler!

ohne customer love

Content Manager

I hit my one year anniversary of working for ohne in June and was promoted from Senior Content Writer to Content Manager not long after which was very exciting – I love being more involved in the marketing side of the business as well as writing fun, informative pieces for fem space. It’s been amazing to see how much the team has grown this year and I’ve loved working with everyone to make ohne the very best it can be.

High: I’ve interviewed some incredible people for Fem Space this year and have been really touched about how much people have been willing to share about their menstrual cycles, mental health and physical self-care routines, and relationships to their bodies.

Low: I work remotely, so missing out on all the fun London-based events sees me green with envy from time to time!

Social Community Lead

I started working at ohne in September, and it’s been a huge whirlwind since day one. I’m so, so thrilled to work with a team of amazing women who are dedicated to improving the lives of people who bleed and it’s so exciting every day to see what we can do to achieve this.

High: definitely the Oliver Bonas launch event! Seeing all my fave influencers and press in one room to celebrate our first retail expansion was incredible.

Low: My low has been realising all the sh*t that comes with this industry. It breaks my heart when we’re talking to customers over DM who tell us that, before they found ohne, they believed they just had to get on with their agonising period pain or tampon-induced thrush and never speak out.

Head of Fulfilment

This year has seen big changes on the fulfilment side of the business – from the branding overhaul to moving offices and the addition of a third staff member, Kate, in the fulfilment office. We’ve smashed a lot of targets as a team this year and I feel proud to be a part of the ohne team – I’m excited about the journey ahead.

High: I would probably say one of the highs of the year would be getting ‘Oliver Bonas’….. it’s massively exciting to be preparing product for retail and then seeing the finished items on the shop floor.

Low: I guess my low point for the year would just be the moments of high stress we’ve had when there’s a big rush of orders or a partnership win that puts a lot of pressure on us to get the product out! But, one way or another and with the support of the whole ohne family, we always meet deadlines and smash those targets.


the all-new pro-period CBD oils. they should be wearing capes they’ve saved us so many times.

Marketing Associate

I also joined ohne in the last quarter – initially in a marketing internship and now in a permanent role in B2B sales and partnerships. This is also my first proper career job out of university, so I feel very lucky to have found such a great company for my first job. I love the company, team and brand and am so excited to see where we’ll grow in the next three months push.

High: being asked to stay with ohne in a permanent role after my three month internship was over! Also helping put on some awesome vagina-themed events and meeting ohne babes in person.

Low: Louisa, Naomi and I all went flyering for ohne, offering people free tampons and gifting tampon boxes to our fave brands to stock in their bathrooms. The downside? We got heckled on the street and called ‘disgusting’ by a bunch of people for using the word ‘vagina’. I was so disappointed to realise how far we still have to go in destigmatising periods and the female body in general!

So what have we got in store for the future? as we ring in the roaring 20s you can bet we’re not planning on slowing down any time soon…

  • We’re building a new tech platform that will dot every eye, soothe every pain, n scratch every itch of all that’s currently lacking from period tracking and femcare technology platforms
  • We’ll be closing out some exciting B2B contracts and making sure you can’t throw a tampon in London without hitting a spot that stocks ohne (tag us on insta if you spor ohne in the wild!)
  • the ohne team will continue to snowball – maybe by the end of the year there’ll be enough of us to start our own all-girl football team (we’d wear orange n’ peach uniforms and schedule our practices around our cycles, obvs). 
  • Product launches are on the horizon, around the corner, over the hill… yep, we’re not sharing exactly when, because we like to keep ya guessing, but we’ve got big things planned for the ohne e-shelves in 2020. we’ll be expanding our products range to make sure everyone is getting the products they need to help them throughout their whole cycle.

All we can say is watch. this. space.

co founders being extremely serious and businesslike, always 

Anything you’d like to see from ohne in 2020? slide into the DMs to let us know! You come first, babe – always.


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