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Would it be an ohne new year’s resolution list if it wasn’t centred on cycles? No, no it would not. We’ve made it pretty bloody clear that, at ohne, we believe your menstrual cycle is the key to pretty much everything. From exercise and diet to work schedules and socialising, understanding your menstrual cycle, being attuned to your body’s needs, and knowing how to harness those hormones can give you a tool to apply to every area of your life.

We’ve shared the intense, lazy, and downright odd ways we each track our menstrual cycles with you, but we’re far from perfect. There’s so much we’d all love to learn about our bodies and cycles and so many little self-care tips n’ tricks we’d love to put into practise when it comes to managing our cycles. We’ve each picked one cycle-related thing we’re going to focus on this year, and we’re writing it down so you lot can hold us accountable. Whether 2020 is the year you wanna start cycle tracking or you’ve resolved to get your friends on the organic period products hype train, we’d love to hear what your cycle resolutions are too – comment below or hit us up on socials – there’s nothing we love chatting about more.

B2B Sales and Partnerships

In the new year I’m planning on being more thorough when tracking my menstrual cycle – at the moment, I just make a note of my period’s start and finish date, but I would really like to track more of the entire cycle, the hormone shifts and everything that’s going on in between my periods. I don’t tend to see a huge change in my mood throughout my menstrual cycle, but I’m interested in finding out if I can spot patterns and trends by actively tracking for, say, 6 months – to see if each cycle is really similar or completely different.


I want to start tracking my nutrition alongside my cycle to find out which foods will support my mood, fitness and general hormonal health!

Community Experience

My cycle resolution is to go deeper with my cycle awareness around the moon. I have a moon journal where I can align my intentions with both the moon and my period so I can marry them up more easily. This involves bleeding and setting new intentions around the new moon; reflecting and giving myself the space I need around the full moon. I have already started getting into this – and have found it super beneficial so far – but I really want to go deeper into my understanding of the process and what I’m getting out of it.

Head of Fulfilment

My resolution is to do some research into the menopause, to find out how it’s affecting my moods and cycle… when I can find the time, that is!

Content Manager

I really want to get into seed cycling this year. Luckily, Naomi is the resident expert in all things cycle-tracking, seed-cycling, and eating to your menstrual cycle’s seasons, so I’m definitely going to be picking her brain on this one. Seed cycling is incorporating certain seeds and vitamins into your diet during the first half of your menstrual cycle and and different seeds and nutrients during the second half of your cycle in order to help balance hormones by regulating oestrogen and progesterone production. I’ll keep you posted!


I want to start actively listening to my body at each stage of my menstrual cycle and to shed any guilt I have for following what my body needs at certain stages. And to learn everything there is to know about the menstrual cycle’s hormones!

Social Community Lead

I’d really like to just learn more about my body and why it does the things it does, like why it decides on certain days to be a bloated mess and on other days I start thinking I have abs. Cycle tracking is something I’ve been super curious about over the last few months, so I’m hoping 2020 is the year I get to know the inner Louisa better.

Wanna make 2020 the year you get to know the inner you better too? Let us know what hormone, period, and self-care topics you’d love to see us chatting about more this year by sliding into our DMs or commenting down below. Here’s to owning it in 2020 🧡

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