Paging All Social Butterflies: We’re Hiring!

Jul 26, 2019 | all, our community | 2 comments

If you’re a mega people person, reckon you could make people fall in love with tampons, and think that spa wine dates sounds like the dream job, read on.

Who are we?

We’re Leah and Nikki, OHNE founders and best friends since our university days, and we decided that people who bleed deserved a period product brand created by women, for women – so we created it ourselves.

OHNE was born in 2018 from a passion for women’s health, a desire to make a real change to period stigma, and an anger at the inequality and irony that sees women in the UK being sold unlabelled, pesticide sprayed products while women in many parts of the world don’t have access to period products at all. We make 100% organic, biodegradable period products available on bespoke subscription and are the creators of the UK’s first pro-period CBD oil, Anti-Teardrops 1% CBD Oil. We pride ourselves on being a knowledge platform and community as well as a subscription service and consider our bold, unapologetic branding to be an invaluable part of what we do in de-stigmatising periods.

We’re looking for someone to head up our community expansion. Is that you?

What’s the work like?

You’ll be scaling our ambassador programme.

You’ll be responsible for our ambassadors, the influencers and creatives who help us to spread the OHNE love. You’ll create relationships with both new and existing ambassadors and be responsible for the expansion of the entire programme, growing our ambassador team from 10 to over 60 ambassadors within your first 6 months. This process includes ensuring that all ambassadors are a good fit for OHNE, creating the necessary contracts for each unique relationship, and efficiently on-boarding everyone that joins the team. You’ll also be managing our existing team of ambassadors and every ambassador that comes on board. This requires a unique mix of administrative skill and relationship-building. Our ambassadors are a crucial part of our team, and, while they receive commission for their work, we also like to make sure they know they’re well loved. What does this look like? Anything from organising (and attending!) spa outings and cheeky Prosecco brunches to tampon nail art manicures and rooftop cocktail evenings – your shout!

You’ll be creating our community events.

The OHNE community is thriving, and we want to continue to grow this. You’ll be responsible for hosting a handful of events each year. These will vary from ambassador-only events to customer events, events with partnered brands or collaborators, and even events hosted with and for totally new communities.

You’ll be managing our socials.

You’ll be in charge of our social media presence, supporting our content strategy building, and ensuring that the OHNE community is encouraged to engage with our socials. You’ll be communicating directly with the OHNE community via Instagram DM’s, Tweets and Facebook messages, sharing events, news, and content – as well as giving our customers all the OHNE love.

Where will I work?

We work differently, ensuring that work and life are equally enjoyable. You’ll be primarily based in London, however, we’re flexible with regard to location, meaning you can work from both your home office and abroad (e.g. if you’re craving some vitamin D and want to escape to a sunnier spot for a few days, we’re fine with your temporary office being in a location of your choice!) As long as you’re loving being a team player, your communication is flawless, and you’re nailing your job, we trust you to create your own schedule and determine how you work best. Any restrictions on your schedule will simply be determined by events (which will all be London-based) and the meetings or meet-ups you schedule with ambassadors and the team.

Still interested? What skills/requirements are we looking for?

You’ve got experience working in a community-centred role.
You’ve got experience managing a large social media (even if it’s just your own).
You’re able to spot opportunities.
You understand the power of connections.
You understand our market.
You’re not afraid to speak up.
You get things done.

Sound like you’d fit perfectly in the OHNE family?

How do I apply?

Send an email to co-founder Leah at and include:

1. An Instagram link to three individuals who you think would be perfect additions to the OHNE ambassador programme.
2. An example of something you’ve built. This can be anything – a blog, a design collection, an Instagram community. We want to see what you love doing and that you’re passionate and motivated!
3. A super short video. Just give us a little overview of yourself and why you think you’d be perfect for the role. Add your 2-3 minute video to YouTube, set it as “unlisted” so that nobody else has access to it, and attach the link to your application. (We know making videos for job applications can be pretty horrendous, so we’ll never judge you for the glass of wine in the background or some unavoidable background noise! We’re not hiring a videographer, so just have fun with it.)

Position: Community Experience Lead
Salary: Competitive depending on experience
Location: London, UK
Contract Type: Permanent, 4-5 days per week
Employees: 6 – 10
Company Language: English

Application deadline: August 4th.

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  1. Steve

    As a man, can you work with OHNE

    • Bella ohne

      Hi Steve, absolutely, people of any gender identity can work for ohne. we have however now filled this position, thanks for your interest!


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