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THE EDIT: We tested the hottest products for Valentine's Day, so you don't have to.

Enter the best pleasure products on the market — from stand-out vibrators to orgasm-promoting sex oils, these ohne favourites have been tested by experts and community members alike.

Your Guide to Self Pleasure with Emma Louise Boynton

The creator and host of Sex Talks discusses the pleasure gap, sex therapy, tips for better intimacy, and her favourite toys for solo play.

Stop flushing your tampons away - the fish are eating them

Every year, the waste of non-biodegradable disposable products fills up our landfills and ends up floating in our beloved oceans; 200,000 tonnes of it to be exact. That’s the equivalent of 600,000 sea turtles. Hideous facts pre-warning: 1 in every 100 pieces of rubbish in the ocean is a menstrual product, 70% of deep sea animals and 90% of seabirds have gobbled down plastic and there are over 50 non-biodegradable plastic period products on every mile of British beach.

How to insert a tampon

We’re going to explain to you, in as much detail as you could possibly ask for, just how to insert a tampon and our top tips for using tampons safely and hygienically.

Menstrual health management with School Club Zambia

Revolutionising period management in low-income areas is not just about the availability of menstrual health products (unfortunately) – so we’ll never merely distribute disposable products. It’s about a whole lot more...

It’s okay to fail: learning to live sustainably with Immy Lucas

Going plant-based, consuming consciously, and learning to live sustainably is not about trying to be perfect. That new vegan mac n cheese in waitrose? Buy it. Just bring your reusable cup for the free coffee you grab on your way out.