Do period pants actually work? Let's take a look at the sophisticated science

By Nikki Michelsen

Nov 9, 2022

Do period pants actually work? Let's take a look at the sophisticated science
Gone are the days where the phrase "period underwear" conjured up images of worn out, ratty, blood-stained knickers that have been used and abused to reckless abandon. In the past few years, bleeders have made it clear that we're hungry for something more when it comes to managing our period in a safe, comfortable and effective way. Enter the modern, re-imagination of period pants: a cutting-edge technology that perfectly marries impressive textile engineering and sophisticated design to deliver a pair of underwear that is both functional and comfortable (and when it comes to our og collection: fashionable).
But as any new kid on the block, period pants have faced some serious skepticism from bleeders themselves. Here at ohne, we can attest to our own internal doubts as a team when we first began teasing the idea of launching our own collection. Can a pair of pants that holds a serious amount of blood actually feel good to wear? And can a pair of pants even hold a decent amount of blood without leakage in the first place?! Not to mention: the smell. We were dubious. But curious as hell. As we started diving into the design process, a team of technical textile experts and our fantastic designer (more on her later) proved to us the true technological feat that is a pair of well-designed period pants. We're breaking down the science here to put your skepticism to rest.

Serious leak-proof protection

Turns out period pants aren't completely re-inventing the wheel when it comes to the wicking, leak-proof technology used in underwear. Modern day period pants have drawn technical inspiration from high-performing activewear and leak-proof incontinence wear that have been on the market for decades. But the real genius lies in building off of these tried-and-true technologies to create a period pant that is comfortable, sleek and long-lasting.
Our og collection features a cutting-edge triple layer technology in the gusset (the absorbent middle section of the pant) that provides the most protection of any period pant on the market. Here's the breakdown:
1st Layer: Moisture-wicking + Antimicrobial
The very first layer in the gusset — the material that touches your vulva and directly receives your menstrual blood — is made with a moisture-wicking and antimicrobial material that safely wicks blood away from your body, while killing any bacteria in the process. This layer is instrumental in keeping you feeling fresh 'n dry, as the blood is quickly pulled away from your body and securely travels through the microfibers of the material down to the next layer.
2nd Layer: High-performance Absorbency
Consider this second layer the high-security vault of your period pants. As the blood travels down to this moisture-absorbent layer, the blood is securely entrapped in a leak-proof vacuum. This is where up to 15ml (or two whole tampons worth of blood) can safely reside for an entire day.
3rd Layer: Water-proof, Leak-proof Lining
To ensure all the blood safely stays within the second layer — and never leaves you with with that icky moist feeling — the final layer of the gusset itself is made of a waterproof, leak-proof polyurethane laminate (PUL). PUL is well-known as the most breathable, waterproof fabric on the market, making it the core material in many high-performance outerwear, activewear and medical bedding. What's more, PUL is incredibly easy to clean and stays fully intact much longer than other waterproof materials.

Odour-eliminating treatment

Last but not least: the question of smell. It's safe to say that this is the biggest fear bleeders face when buying into the idea of period pants. We worked tirelessly with our team of textile engineers and designers to not only perfect the functionality of the design, but to ensure smell was never an issue. The gusset of our period pants are finished with a specialised, body-safe coating that immediately absorbs and zaps odour on contact. This treatment, paired with the initial antimicrobial layer of the gusset, provides an impermeable barrier of defense against any funky smells (a serious level of security and *peace of mind* that regular menstrual pads don't offer).
It's safe to say our own misconceptions and dubious side-eyeing of period pants were laid to rest after diving into the complex production process and comprehensive testing phase. And of course, after slipping on a pair ourselves. These pants are really a marvel of textile tech + clothing design. The best part? They feel bloody fantastic.
Ohne Team
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