Do period pants smell? We're myth-busting all the misconceptions about period underwear

By Nikki Michelsen

Oct 21, 2022

Do period pants smell? We're myth-busting all the misconceptions about period underwear
If you're teasing the idea of buying your first pair of period pants, but you're flooded with (very valid) questions: we're here for you. With period pants just recently gaining popularity in the period world, there's still a whole lotta skepticism and misinformation when it comes to how these innovative underwear work. We've compiled a list of all the most important questions you may be asking yourself before you commit to buying a pair.

First thing's first: what exactly are period pants and how do they work?

Gone are the days where the phrase "period underwear" conjured up images of worn out, ratty, blood-stained knickers that have been used and abused to reckless abandon. Modern-day period pants are a cutting-edge technology that perfectly marries impressive textile engineering and sophisticated design to deliver a pair of underwear that safely, effectively and comfortably absorbs menstrual blood. 
The absorbent section, known as the gusset, is made up of three different layers that are expertly designed to absorb liquid and lock it inside the underwear. The top layer is made of a specialized moisture-wicking and antimicrobial fabric which draws the moisture in, followed by an ultra-absorbent layer that soaks up every bit of moisture. The final layer is a leak-proof but breathable lining, which traps and seals the moisture completely to prevent any drops from seeping out. The result is a technical feat, but what’s even more impressive is how bloody comfortable our period pants are. They work hard, look fantastic and feel like an absolute dream (just ask our fitting models: they all wanted to wear them as normal, everyday knickers). 

Next up: do period pants smell? with smell being one of the biggest concerns surrounding period pants, we made sure our pants were designed to be totally odour-eliminating. Not only do our pants contain a wicking antimicrobial layer, which kills bacteria and zaps any smells, the gusset is also topped off with a specialized treatment that is specifically designed to absorb odours — the same compound that’s commonly used in active wear and medical devices. Bleed freely knowing you’re staying fresh ‘n clean. 

Will I feel wet while using period pants?

Our period pants are specifically designed to keep you fresh ‘n dry whilst bleeding. The dry wicking material used on the top layer of the gusset quickly draws the blood away from your body and moves the moisture down into the second layer, so you never feel that icky wet feeling.

Can period pants give me an infection? 

With proper usage, absolutely not! our period pants are safely designed for maximum freshness and should not contribute to any overgrowth of yeast. For ultimate freshness, we recommend swapping out your period pants every 8-12 hours or whenever you feel the maximum absorbency has been reached (two regular tampons worth). Be sure to rinse your pants in cool water after each use and then pop in the washer on a cool, delicate cycle (about 30°) with similar colours.

Period pants sound like they must be pretty bulky...can you wear regular clothes without them being noticeable?

Without a doubt. We were sick of seeing period pants come in the same drab, ill-fitting styles and bulky gussets, which is why we designed our og collection to look as good as they feel. We created period pants you'll actually love to wear (trust – some ohne babes love 'em so much, they wear them even when they're not bleeding). Both our high waist and bikini brief styles were made with a cutting-edge triple layer absorbency layer, without compromising style or sleekness. Take a peek for yourself to see how bloody fab they look.

Ok but, period pants sound hard to wash...

Not at all! all you gotta do is rinse in cool water after use then pop in the wash on a cool, delicate cycle (about 30°) with similar colours. some simple things to avoid: using softener and bleach, soaking for extended periods and ironing. To protect the gusset and to extend the longevity of your pair, it’s best to hang dry only. Too many spins in the tumble dryer will cause the protective gusset layers to start breaking down with heat. That's it!
p.s. every pair of our period pants comes with a handy lil laundry bag to protect it as much as possible. :)

Can I wear my ohne period pants without any additional protection?

Definitely! but this totally depends on your flow and personal preference. Our OG collection can hold up to 15ml of blood, the equivalent of two regular tampons. You know your flow best, so you’ll be able to decide whether you can slip on your period pants without any other protection, or if you need to pop something extra to be fully secure. For people with heavier flows who want to wear the same pair of period pants all day, you might consider combining with a tampon to ensure you’re at the right absorbency for your period. 

Should I wash my ohne period pants prior to use?

Yes! for ultimate freshness we recommend washing on a cool, delicate cycle (about 30°) with similar colours. some things to avoid: using softener and bleach, soaking for extended periods and ironing. To protect the gusset and extend the longevity of your pair, it’s best to hang dry only. Too many spins in the tumble dryer will cause the protective gusset layers to start breaking down with heat. 

What makes ohne period pants unique?

We’ve added our lil touch of magic to ‘em. 😉  We’ll let our co-founders, Leah and Nikki, personally touch on this: “when we decided to launch period pants, we tested a whole bunch on the market and frankly, didn’t love them. Between us, we found the gusset too thick, garish styles (often tarnished in waistband logos), unexciting colours and too much synthetic material. To make matters worse, you had to stare at uninspiring underwear as you hand-washed it every day you bled.
We wanted to develop a product that we loved, that we looked forward to wearing because it felt that damn good — not only the literal feel of soft af fabric, but also that feel-good feeling of wearing something you feel utterly fantastic in. Beautiful colours and modern shapes shouldn’t be exclusive to non-bleed days. We want you to feel your best, every single day of your cycle.” our og collection features two stylish cuts — the classic bikini brief and ultra cozy high waist — in four lush colours: papaya, peach fizz, lilac sky and midnight black, so you can slip on a pair of beautifully designed underwear that make you feel bloody incredible. No thick, stiff gussets or awkward, ill-fitting designs in sight. 

I experience light bladder leaks, are ohne period pants for me?

Definitely. Our triple layer absorbent technology is an excellent option for bladder leaks, discharge and retrograde menstrual flow caused by endometriosis. 

What are ohne period pants made of?

Our period pants are made with 92% modal from natural sources and 8% elastane. Modal is a luxurious, silky smooth material made from the pulp of beech trees. It feels absolutely fantastic on your skin, and the buttery smooth flexibility gently molds to fit the shape of your body flawlessly.

Are ohne period pants vegan?

Yes! Our period pants are completely vegan (along with every other ohne product). While many brands use wool and other non-vegan materials in the gusset of their period pants, we’re 100% committed to keeping all of our products vegan — forever ‘n always. 

Are period pants breathable? 

A hundred times yes. Breathability was a core focus for us when designing these period pants, and we’ve specifically chosen fabrics that are both leak-proof and breathable. The final layer of the gusset itself is made of a waterproof, leak-proof polyurethane laminate (pul). Pul is well-known as the most breathable, waterproof fabric on the market, making it the core material in many high-performance outerwear, activewear and medical bedding. Oftentimes waterproof materials will be totally inflexible and close off airflow, leading to that sticky sweaty feeling. Rest assured our period pants were specifically designed to avoid this. The very best part about our period pants is that they don’t feel like period pants at all. 

How long do period pants last?

With proper care, your period pants can last 2+ years. Modal is an incredibly durable fabric that keep its shape and integrity if treated well (remember: no heat!). 

How long can I wear ohne period pants for?

We recommend wearing one pair of period pants for the daytime and slipping into another pair for nighttime, but this will depend on your individual flow. You know your body best, so you’ll be able to decide what feels best after testing them out for one full period. 

How are ohne period pants packaged and sent?

Our period pants are packed into individual mesh laundry bags that have been made from recycled plastic bottles and sent in a 100% recyclable cardboard box. All of the packaging is FSC certified (The Forest Stewardship Council), ensuring the supplier meets the highest environmental and social standards in the production of these boxes. 

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