Feel Your Feelings: The Ohne Guide To Pisces Szn

By Nikki Michelsen

Nov 4, 2022

Feel Your Feelings: The Ohne Guide To Pisces Szn
The emotional floodgates have opened and it’s time to dive deeep into our intuitive inner world, babe. as the final act of the zodiac, pisces szn is characterized by extra sensitivity, empathy, dreaminess and tapping into your innate wisdom. ‘tis the season of crying it out, so if you’re wondering why you’re feeling extra teary-eyed over the next few weeks – know that you’re not alone.
Pisces szn has been called the “PMS” of the astrological seasons because it’s heavy on feelings (we don’t use capitals over here, but if we did, it’d be a capital f), but this bad rap often overlooks the deeper themes at play: Introspection and Catharsis. Pisces energy really just wants you to release what no longer serves you (gbyee toxic exes & toxic cycles) so you have the space to bring your dreams to life. We’ve whipped UP a handy ohne-ified guide to get you through these emotional (but v compassionate) waters.

set the mood with the perfect playlist

A soundtrack for the season is always a must. tap into that mystical pisces energy with our dreamy pisces season playlist. stream it on spotify here.

level up your bath ritual

A long, hot bath is a very real form of therapy in the eyes of a pisces. These watery signs love getting extra with their bath rituals. Light a candle, burn some incense, pour a glass of wine and pop a few drops of our cbd oil or cbd bath bombs to really set the vibe.

keep a dream journal

Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac, so expect your dreams (daydreams included) to be heightened during this time. Keeping a dream journal will help you pick up on any patterns or themes your subconscious is playing out, which can help you tune into your emotional state more intimately.

take all the naps

Speaking of dreams...more sleeping = more dreaming. simple math. You may find yourself moving more slowly, feeling a lil less grounded in the physical world and craving more zzzzs during this time. Trust your body and let yourself doze off into a blissful midday nap if that's what you're craving.

embrace the moods

There’s no sugarcoating it: the moods will be in full force this time of year. Best piece of advice we can give? be gentle with yourself. Second piece of advice: give your body some soothing cbd to help stay balanced & centered.

make a vision board

Pisces energy is endlessly creative. Harness the freewheeling, boundless spirit of the fish by putting together a vision board with all your wildest goals.

write your bff a letter

Known as the biggest empaths of the zodiac, a pisces feels most fulfilled when they’re genuinely connecting to friends and family. Take the time to handwrite a letter to someone you love letting them know how much they mean to you. You won’t believe how warm ‘n fuzzy it’ll make you both feel. 💘

get your tarot cards read

Mystery abounds during pisces szn and you may notice your perspective of reality shifting during this mercurial time. Lean into esotericism and get your tarot cards read to help you make sense of all the untethered energy. There’s so much potential to tap into right now, so it’s the perfect time to plant the seeds for your future self.
Ohne Team
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