Get to know your vagina better with these 5 taboo-busting books

By Nikki Michelsen

Nov 9, 2022

Get to know your vagina better with these 5 taboo-busting books
Between the plethora of misinformation circulating online, and the almost criminally subpar sex education classes we barely even remember, it’s no wonder so many people feel disconnected from their bodies. What better way to take back ownership of our bodies, menstrual cycles, and sex lives than by reading books penned by the experts.
These radical reads were written by people who are just as tired as we are of outdated stigmas that continue to cloud us from the truth about our bodies and how to better understand (and thus, take care) of ourselves. They’ve stepped in to break down the complex medical vernacular into digestible terms, making us laugh, cry, and learn bucket loads in the process. 
Whether you consider yourself a bit of a sex-pert, or you’re just keen to get to know your body better, here’s our round-up of the five sexual wellness power-reads you should have on your radar this summer. 
Period Power, Maisie Hill
As an acupuncturist, doula, and women’s health guru, Maisie Hill draws on her unique knowledge to deliver Period Power. Period Power isn’t just a comprehensive handbook for periods; it’s a profound exploration of all the things no one ever bothered to explain in school (or the doctor’s office). Maisie Hill walks us through the ins and outs of the female reproductive system, hormones, periods, sexual health, and just about everything in-between, demystifying what happens to our bodies every month and how we can harness the power of the menstrual cycle to our advantage. A must read for period-havers the world over. 
Come as you are, Emily Nagoski 
Fresh, honest, and jam-packed full of life-changing insights, there’s a reason Come as you are flew off the shelves following its 2015 release. Emily Nagoski talks us through the science behind female sexuality, radically transforming our approach to sex in the process. Among the many amazing things you’ll take away from this book is the comforting knowledge that whatever you’re experiencing in your sex life — it’s completely normal, and you’re not alone. We can almost guarantee you’ll come away more confident, better-informed, and more in touch with your body than ever before. 
The Vagina Bible, Jen Gunter
Despite the almost overwhelming array of information sources we have in the 21st century, there’s still so much we collectively don’t know about vaginas. The Vagina Bible seeks to remedy that. Boasting 25 years of clinical experience, Dr. Jen Gunter decodes the complex medical jargon to teach vagina-havers everything they need to know about vaginal health. This is every question you’ve ever had about vaginas, answered.  
More Orgasms Please, The Hotbed Collective 
This frank, funny, and empowering celebration of female pleasure explores the ‘orgasm gap’ between men and women. From menopause to porn, More Orgasms Please explores it all in a way that feels akin to a relaxed and inclusive chat between friends. Spearheaded by writers Lisa Williams and Anniki Sommerville, The Hotbed Collective is a collection of women on a mission ‘to make life better one orgasm at a time’. Should this be mandatory reading? We certainly think so...
Cunt: A declaration of independence, Inga Muscio
This book may have been released in 1998, but it still holds up as a powerful feminist manifesto. Punchy and eloquent, Inga Muscio will succeed in making you reflect on outdated approaches on everything from birth control to the c-word. You might not agree with every one of her sentiments, but you’ll definitely enjoy the author’s unique perspectives on feminism, sexuality, birth control, and sex work — and come away with a myriad of fresh discussion points for your next feminist argument. Above all, Cunt: A declaration of independence serves as a powerful reminder that feminism benefits everyone. 
Happy reading, babe! 
Written by Jaye Hannah, a Content Marketing Editor based between London and Berlin. Currently working in EdTech, she has a passion for diversity, inclusion, and feminism. On any given day, you can find her sipping a frozen margarita or binge-watching Australian reality TV.
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