How to combat anxiety on your period

By Nikki Michelsen

Nov 4, 2022

How to combat anxiety on your period
We all have those days. the days when every little disturbance feels overwhelming, when your chest feels tight, your mind feels scattered and you can’t seem to shake that looming sense of something going wrong, though you can’t pinpoint what exactly. Ah, anxiety - the ultimate party crasher. 
Whether or not you suffer from an anxiety or panic disorder, it’s possible that feelings of anxiousness may creep up on you during PMS or your period. According to the anxiety and depression association of America, women between the ages of 14 and 50 are twice as likely to experience anxiety compared to men. Surprise, surprise - those fluctuating hormones are partly to blame. Right before menstruation, a rapid decrease in both estradiol and progesterone can underpin anxiety. We’ve gathered up a few tips to help ease those uneasy symptoms.

work up a sweat

Even though your energy levels may be low, a bit of light exercise can do wonders whilst on your period. Opt for a walk or light jog to burn off some steam.

try out restorative yoga

Tap into your zen by doing some slow, restorative yoga. connecting to your breath and tuning into your senses will help ground you and anchor you to the present.

get some extra vitamin b6

Research shows that vitamin b6 helps alleviate a wide range of PMS symptoms, which is why we’ve added this powerful nutrient to our all-natural herbal remedy: yin & tonic. Add this magic potion to your wellness rituals for a smooth sailing cycle.

add magnesium to the mix

Magnesium is a potent mineral that is said to balance specific neurotransmitters that help alleviate stress. yin & tonic is specifically formulated with magnesium and other added vitamins and minerals (vitamin b1, vitamin b6, vitamin b12, iron, iodine, and zinc) to supercharge wellness.

skip your morning coffee

It goes without saying, but caffeine can often leave you feeling overstimulated, jittery and anxious. Research has shown that caffeine can also worsen the feeling of cramps, so it’s best to replace your morning latte with some herbal tea.

pop some cbd

Last, but not least: add some cbd to your daily routine. Whether it’s popping some yours, hormonally drops under your tongue or soaking up the soothing benefits from our relaxing bath bomb: CBD is our go-to when it comes to keeping things calm, cool ‘n collected.
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