How to stop being personally victimised by period cramps

By Nikki Michelsen

Oct 3, 2022

How to stop being personally victimised by period cramps
we don’t know about you, but we’re pretty fed up of your typical “5 solutions to survive those period cramps” posts (like, how the hell is green tea genuinely going to help me when it feels like someone is attacking my uterus with knives?). so we’re here with some new tips from our top ohne babes (& fellow uterus-owners). we promise…this shit’s not made up.
“so, what’s your top tip for surviving bad period cramps?” “moan, rub my belly with some holy cramp, curl up into a ball, take a hot bath, and rub my belly some more” – olivia
okay babes, this we seriously recommend. magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant, and also taps into all pms symptoms like irritability and mood swings. although certain foods are high in magnesium (almonds, garlic, carrots, spinach, dark chocolate — bliss bar, anyone?), our favourite solution is to ease that beautiful body into a warm bath and pop in one of our extra soothing bath bombs, made with magnesium-rich epsom salts. epsom salts contain the mineral compound magnesium sulphate which will not only relax your entire body in a cocoon of hot water, but also helps your body process and get rid of old toxins and impurities (last weekend’s escapades we expect). beg your top pal to run you a hot bath and soak with a glass of wine for a whole body experience. no time for a soak? our soothing period potion yin & tonic blends magnesium and six potent botanicals to politely escort your period woes out the door.
body balm
what do you get when you mix high-potency ingredients, a zesty blend of organic essential oils and four ultra moisturizing emollients? a body balm fit for the goddesses. the latest cycle superhero to join the ohne gang, it’s the balm is your all-around sidekick to soothe tender boobs and tired muscles, while leaving your skin feeling as soft as a baby’s bum. forget about tacky, greasy, sticky body balms (you know the kind...the one your granny pulls out of the deep, dark recesses of the medicine cabinet that takes a pair of pliers to open the gunk-stuck lid). it’s the balm is all about melting away tension and twinges and making your skin feel as smooth and buttery as freshly baked hawaiian rolls. organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic jojoba oil, and organic argan oil all work their moisturizing magic, while high-potency ingredients (300mg to be exact) and a blend of orange, grapefruit, and ginger essential oils sweet talk the aches away.
cramp bark
we’ll let you in on a lil secret — before yin & tonic officially hit the market, it was dubbed womb juice by co-founder leah, who has sworn by this family recipe since she started bleeding. co-founder and bestie-since-uni nikki can attest that leah would offer up the yin & tonic recipe to anyone and everyone who grappled with period troubles. one of the main ingredients that make up this womb-soothing potion? cramp bark. known scientifically as viburnum opulus, cramp bark is a herbal tincture that has been traditionally used to relieve menstrual cramps. the herb has been said to relax muscular tension and spasms, making it a top herbal remedy for reducing uterine contractions. yin & tonic blends cramp bark with five other potent botanicals plus added vitamins and minerals: vitamin b1, vitamin b6, vitamin b12, iron, iodine, magnesium, and zinc. if you know you get terrible cramps, try taking yin & tonic 1-2 days before your period starts. don’t worry though, it can also be taken as needed if you’re caught out!
orgasms (yes, our fave too)
not that we needed any more excuses to get a little freaky whilst on our periods, but having an orgasm is actually one of the best ways to shut down cramps. orgasms release chemicals and hormones in your body that help relax your uterus, including oxytocin, our body’s natural pain reliever which is actually much more powerful than the pills you might usually pop. if you haven’t got a willing partner to test this tip out on, give yourself a little love – orgasms aren’t exclusive to sex.
so, for a lot of us, menstruation means bloating, gas, and weird digestion (ever noticed that you poo way more on your period?). fresh peppermint is one of the best stomach healers because of the way it soothes indigestion, gas, pains, and diarrhoea. peppermint works by relaxing the muscles in your stomach, allowing food to enter and leave your body more quickly and helps almost instantly with indigestion. so yes, technically, brewing some peppermint leaves with hot water would help – but you know what mint is also used for? Mojitos.
final thoughts…if none of these work for you…just take a bloody painkiller. we’re not judging, nobody ever got an award for getting through their period without them. think you can top our tips? we want to hear them all, the weirder the better. if you’ve got one we’ve never heard, you bet you’ll be getting a shout-out on our socials.
Ohne Team
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels