Moontime Magic: Six healing crystals to support your cycle

By Nikki Michelsen

Oct 21, 2022

Moontime Magic: Six healing crystals to support your cycle
Are you a babe with an ever-growing crystal collection? Or maybe you’re crystal-curious and looking for that extra something to comfort you during your cycle. Well we’re here to let you in on a little secret: our favourite healing crystals to regulate menstrual health. 
Every type of crystal embodies different healing powers. But in their individual way, each of these six stones will empower you to celebrate your womanhood, develop a better relationship with your cycle and ultimately, become super intimate with your beautiful body. When we understand the power of healing crystals, we can better flow through life (in every sense of the word).

How to shop crystals sustainably

First things first. Making sure you’re shopping for your crystals in an ethical way. The rising interest in ancient spirituality means crystals have become more available to us. A big yay for us but a thin line in being a potential no-no for the planet. Crystals are naturally formed in the ground and as an element of earth, a mining extraction process has to be used. But under the right conditions, crystals can be sourced, cut and finished in an environmentally friendly manner. After all, it’s our collective job to always have Mother Earth’s back.
We’d recommend purchasing your crystals from places like She’s Lost Control or Crystal and Sage. But if you’re mooching around shops in-person, then be sure to speak to the assistant and ask questions about how their crystals are sourced. The more questions we ask, the more pressure we can put on the mainstream supply chain. BTW, shopping for crystals is a you-job only so we recommend doing it by yourself to avoid any other energetic influence. 

Choosing a crystal that works for you

If you’re the type to overthink picking a crystal, we feel you. We can be like that too. While every crystal is beautiful in its own way, you shouldn’t pick one based just on the way it looks. Instead, slow down, listen to your intuition and really feel into your inner magic. Tune into exactly what support you need at that moment. If it’s possible, you could also try picking up whichever crystal you feel naturally drawn to and see whether you really vibe with its energy. 

Nurturing your crystals

Before we delve into the juiciness of each of our favourite healing crystals to regulate menstrual health, just one last thing. Cleansing. Your. Crystals. Is. Key. Crystals often travel a long distance to find you. From source to seller but also the many hands it has passed through long before you. And each of those transitions exposes the stone to all types of energy (the good and the bad). Even if your postman is having a bad morning, your crystals are going to pick that up. So the number one rule, always, is cleansing your crystal as soon as that baby gets into your hands. It’s also important to cleanse your crystals regularly to bring them back to their natural state. The longstanding wisdom and magical messages of the crystal will always remain. Cleansing them will just remove any negative stagnant energy that doesn’t serve you. Below are some of the ways we like to cleanse ours but whichever way you vibe with, just make sure the intention is there.  

Water cleansing

Just like us, crystals love a good clean in water the old fashioned way. Easily accessible, running your crystal under water can give it a real refresh. A natural stream is best (hold on tight though), but your kitchen tap will also do the trick. Just be sure to visualise the water washing away all of the negativity that it’s soaked up. You could also try salt water cleansing. Grab a bowl of water, add some natural salt, allow it to dissolve and leave your crystal in there to soak overnight. In the morning, rinse with fresh water. Holding your crystal in the ocean also works a charm (again, hold on tight). Salt absorbs all the unwanted energy so your crystal will definitely be good to go after a soak in there. 
However, some crystals do NOT like water or salt and these cleansing hacks could damage them, so always read up about your crystal beforehand. A trick we like to remember is that most crystals ending in ‘ite’ probably can’t be cleansed with water or salt. Pyrite, Kyanite, Selenite, you get the drill. 

Using a crystal cleansing spray 

Simple and easy, there are a range of crystal cleansing sprays on the market. Exactly what it says on the tin, think crystal cleansing on the go with no fuss. Tamara Driessen’s book The Crystal Code has a step-by-step guide to making your own spray so you can give your crystals exactly what you know they need.

Natural moon light

For all the spirit junkies reading, this one's for you. More sacred than a quick cleanse, this ritual involves working with the lunar cycle. You can pop your crystal in sunlight for some TLC whenever but this ritual will be most powerful when the Moon is at its peak. On a full moon, pop your crystal outside (or on your windowsill) and leave it to just BATHE. Don’t forget to retrieve it in the morning as some crystals can be damaged by too much time in the sun. Oh and also, if you can place your crystal in the actual earth, they will love you for it. It’s nice for them to visit their original home every once in a while. 

Our favourite crystals to support menstrual health

Now you know the basics, you can crystalise your period self-care routine with these six stones. Get ready, they’re about to become your BFF’s. Crystals can be a visual reminder of any intentions you’ve set so we’ve paired each with a journaling prompt to guide you on your journey. 

Rose Quartz

As the ultimate self-love stone, working with a Rose Quartz is like giving yourself a huge hug. It amplifies the energies of trust, harmony and unconditional love that you have for yourself. Physically, it is known for easing pain, supporting fertility and soothing headaches. This stone can also be great for championing mothers through their postpartum stage. It reminds them how remarkable their body is for birthing a new life into this world. As Rose Quartz promotes deep inner healing, we recommend pairing it with our ‘cbd n chill bundle’. Sometimes you just need to date your own damn self and chill the f*** out.
Crystal journaling prompt: Do I trust that the universe is sending good things my way and if not, how can I become more optimistic?


If you’re in need of some calmness surrounding your cycle, get yourself a Moonstone ASAP. Enhancing your intuition while also elevating your energy, Moonstone’s can help you tune into your natural cycle and what you need to feel supported. We recommend tracking your cycle alongside the work you do with your Moonstone. Honouring the rhythm of your cycle means you can get clear on the days your energy will be at its peak and when you’re going to be retreating with no plans. Moonstone is also perfect for those with hormonal imbalance as it helps to ease the rollercoaster of our hormones (and the fluctuating emotions that come with them. Not us being an emotional wreck when bleeding...). Moonstone’s also promote contraception, regulate your flow and can aid recovery on the breasts and womb. 
Crystal journaling prompt: How can I stay centered at times when my emotions are all over the place?


If your light usually dims around your bleed, Citrine is the one to spark confidence and courage back into your life. This is your biggest hype girl of the crystal realm and will always force you to put yourself first. Detoxifying your aura, Citrine is an optimistic and energising form of self-care. Hold a piece of citrine in your hands and programme it with an intention. Then, place it in a bowl of water under the full moon. The next day place a few drops of this water into your moisturiser and let that energy soak into your pores. Aiding menopausal symptoms, Citrine can also balance hormones, aid back pains and help with postpartum depression.
Crystal journaling prompt: Make gratitude your attitude. Write a list of everything and everyone you feel thankful for.


Fully drawing your emotions to the surface, Malachite is an amplifying crystal. It will enhance whatever you’re already feeling (whether that’s positive or negative). So, you want to be reaching for it when you’re already in a good mood. As it can detect and amplify negativity, it’s a crystal that needs cleansing a bit more regularly. Clearing your chakras, Malachite helps you through emotional triggers and challenging moments of your cycle. Known for alleviating pain, it eases abdominal pain, bloating and cramps. We’ll take an endless supply of Malachite with a side order of ‘it’s the balm’ please. 
Crystal journaling prompt: Identify the traumas and shadows from your past. What can you release today that no longer serves your highest good?


Meet your bedtime BFF. Amethyst is an ultra-calming stone that soothes an overactive mind and helps you overcome stress. And let’s be honest, we are all guilty of overthinking when we’re on (and sometimes when we’re not too but that’s irrelevant rn). Place this baby under your pillow and we promise, your sleep quality will start to improve. This crystal has also been proven to relieve headaches. Place your piece of amethyst on your forehead when you feel fuzzy, simply lie there and let it work its magic. Instead of reaching for your phone to scroll through socials (dw we do it too), pick up your amethyst and just loosen up.
Crystal journaling prompt: Write your story. If you had a monologue, what would it be? Remember you’re the main character in your life. Celebrate YOU


If you need a boost of self-worth, you need a piece of Labradorite on standby throughout your cycle at all times. Protecting, grounding and empowering babes who bleed, this stone allows you to go inwards and really connect to your truth. It’s easy to lose sight of ourselves but this stone brings us back home. Straight to the core. When working with Labradorite, we recommend pairing it with a social detox. Taking time out from socialising means you can really start listening to yourself and your needs. Proven to regulate your cycle, Labradorite can reduce hot and cold flushes, lower anxiety levels and alleviate PMS. Sounds like a no brainer to us!
Crystal journaling prompt: What inspires you and how can you call more of this into your life?
Now go have some period care fun, you absolute crystal babes. 

written by Emily Thompson - dreamer, creative, and soul-led writer. Emily truly believes wellness means doing whatever sets your soul on fire and is here to spread that message far and wide. Committed to her self love journey, Emily makes the most of all of the juiciness life has to offer, weaving pleasure, self-love, and joy into her everyday life. She’s all about sustainability, body empowerment, and equality and knows we all have a part to play in making the world a kinder place.
Disclaimer: We do not advise crystal healing as an alternative to Western medicine. For any ailment or ongoing symptoms, we recommend booking a doctor's appointment and using these healing crystals alongside your treatment. 
Image credit: @sweetpagesco (Unsplash)