Slaying your period: with Abbie Curls

By Nikki Michelsen

Oct 21, 2022

Slaying your period: with Abbie Curls
From women’s health education to social media tips to natural hair care inspo, abbie of @abbiecurls is always dishing up the most relatable and motivating content on her platform. As someone who deals with PCOS, she openly shares her personal experience and how she’s slowly gotten her periods back to regular(ish). We caught up with abbie to talk all-things period and why she’s loving up on her ohne period pants. Happy reading, babes!

First up: why do you think it's so important to destigmatise periods and speak openly about our experiences as people who bleed?

I think it’s super important to destigmatise periods and speak openly about it! It’s not gross, it’s not dirty, it’s not anything to be ashamed of. It’s a normal thing that happens to half of the population so it should be treated as such! Everyone who bleeds will experience something related to their period that they need to seek help with at some point, so it’s important to destigmatise periods so that we feel comfortable asking the questions we need to ask to solve the problem, rather than suffering alone. Since sharing my journey with PCOS and period related topics on Instagram and Youtube, it’s made me realise just how hush-hush society is about periods. I don’t feel like I’ve shared anything crazy or out of the ordinary, yet the responses I get thanking me for speaking openly about such topics and the influx of period related questions I get after putting up a PCOS or period post makes it clear that these conversations need to be had more often and more openly.  

for people who are struggling with PCOS, is there any advice you'd give them?

For people struggling with PCOS I advise to research, research and research! Don’t just take what GPs tell you at face value. Research all advise they give you and more. The only reason I’ve managed to get on top of my PCOS is through my own research and trial and error. So much of PCOS can be controlled through diet, so that’s where I’d start. Diet changes I’ve made which I believe has really helped is cut out dairy, increased my vegetable intake, I add seeds to everythinggg (chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds) and cut out artificial sugars (it’s near impossible top avoid all sugars but I never add sugar to anything, I don’t eat sweets etc.). They making these changes first and stick with it for around 3 months and see if you noticed any difference, if not, implement some other changes you’ve found from your research. The key is to not change everything at once, because you want it to be realistic to stick to. Change one or two things at once and stick with that for a while, then you’ll know what’s helping and what’s not. If you change 10 things at once, you won’t know which of those things is actually helping. 

Tell us about your period toolkit, what mix of products do you use (tampons/pads/period pants)?

My current period toolkit is using ohne period pants at night time or those days when I’m in the house all day. They’re so comfortable - love them! I’ve stopped using tampons recently, so on the days when I’m out and about I use ohne pads. It’s great to know that I’m using pads which are better for my body and for the environment in comparison to other ’traditional’ pads. 

What's your favourite style/colour combo from the ohne period pant collection?

I think my favourite would have to be the Midnight Black Bikini Briefs! Can’t go wrong with black underwear and the bikini brief style looks and feels like underwear I would wear even when I’m not on my period! I also love the high waist style for when I’m in bed as I feel more secure from leakage in these. 

In one word, what do ohne period pants feel like?


Do you have any period rituals or hacks?

I’m not sure I’d necessarily call it a ritual or hack, but sometimes, in the lead up to my period or the first day or 2 of my period, all I want to do is lay around and do nothing. So instead of fighting against this feeling, where possible, I make sure I give myself time to actually relax and give my body what it needs rather than fighting against it. And I allow myself to do this guilt free! It then makes my period less of a hassle. 

What's your favourite ohne cycle care product (yin & tonic, cbd, etc.)?

The Holy Cramp Oil has be my favourite! I use it with ovulation cramps and period cramps and it really helps to take the edge off the pain. 

What's your current anthem (what song/album you have on repeat)?

I currently have Billie Eilish’s new album and Tems on repeat!

When do you feel your most fantastic?

I feel most fantastic when I’m ovulating!! haha 

Do you have a favorite mantra/affirmation/quote?

Live in the now! 

What are you most grateful for right now?

There’s not one thing in particular that I’m grateful for. I’m grateful for so much. I’m grateful for my ability to be grateful! Because without gratitude, nothing matters. With gratitude your life will be so much more fulfilling and happy. Even when you’re in tough times, there’s always something to be grateful for. 
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Image credit: @abbiecurls