Slaying your period with Chiyo

By Nikki Michelsen

Oct 7, 2022

Slaying your period with Chiyo
It's time you met "The Prinx of Provocation." Chiyo - known as @prinxchiyo on Instagram - is one of the UK’s leading Drag Kings, the first Trans person to ever compete for Mr. Gay UK, an established model represented by WIMP, and a bloody brilliant member of the ohne community. After just being credited one of Attitude’s TOP 101 LGBT+ TRAILBLAZERS, Chiyo has also been crowned the Sexual Freedom Award’s PERFORMER OF THE YEAR. He's also a resident stripper with collectives such as Harpies and a pioneer in the Drag community. We were so excited to chat with Chiyo about the importance of de-gendering periods, smashing stigmas surrounding menstruation, and his genius period hacks.

Why do you think it's so important to destigmatise periods and speak openly about our experiences as people who bleed?

Well, where we’re currently at in society, even though we’re starting to see more discourse around people who bleed, we’re not at a point yet where society actually understands the complexities that come with having a period. Even cis women still struggle to navigate things that are yet to be normalised by the patriarchy - basic things like not feeling like your period is gross and shameful. So for Trans men like myself, or anyone punk enough to identify outside the gender binary, it’s a whole new ball game. Not talking about how different demographics are impacted by the natural repercussions of living with a vagina just directly excludes folk like me from very important conversations - which can end up fundamentally impacting our health.

We love how you've said "boys bleed too" - can you talk about the importance of using non-gendered language when it comes to periods and cycle care? We're big on this at ohne and would love to highlight this. 

It’s like I mentioned briefly above: if we keep leaving out all the demographic who menstruate out of vagina-centred conversations, it has a huge domino effect on other aspects of our health. For some it can be detrimental - both physically and psychologically. If we don’t acknowledge that boys (and other gender-diverse people) bleed, how and when are we going to acknowledge that we also need smear tests? Or that we, too, can fall pregnant? Or get cervical cancer? Or experience menopause? If we are being excluded from all these conversations then there is nothing being put into place to help/protect us. The conversation starts with periods, but it cannot end there. We really need to champion visibility.

Tell us about your period toolkit, what mix of products do you use (tampons/pads/period pants)?

D’you know what? I love me a tampon! I’ve just never been a fan of letting it all fester down there, so pads have never been my vibe. That’s actually another reason I was so surprised to love period pants so much! It’s the convenience of a pad but without the discomfort, stress, and bad smell! 

In one word, what do ohne period pants feel like?

(If I had three words I would say ‘a butt hug’)

What's your favourite thing about the ohne period pants?

Mmm. I think my favourite thing about the Ohne pant collection is literally just how well they do what they’re supposed to. I am a big mover, a stripper, all my performances are very high energy - and even I have started wearing them under my costume! They’re pretty cute!  For them to make me feel hot enough whilst menstruating to still get my  job done is fantastic.

Do you have any period rituals or hacks? 

My only period ritual is that I thrive off penetrative sex - it helps with the cramps! Lots of sex, fresh pressed juices, and fried chicken. 

What's your period persona (it can be anything — a cartoon character, celebrity, gif, anything)?

My period persona is always myself! Are you kidding? Sometimes I’ll work a nine gig weekend whilst cramping and bleeding - I AM A SUPERQUEERO.

What's your current anthem (what song/album you have on repeat)?

I am still obsessed with anything by Kim Petras. The SP album is just sex positive pure pop chaotic lust - we love to see it! Also she has a song called “There Will Be Blood” which I just love belting out whilst on my period.

What are you most grateful for right now?

My Trans 4 Trans relationship.
Queer love keeps out the cold.

lead photo by Corinne Cummings