Slaying your period: with Elinor Charlotte

By Nikki Michelsen

Nov 9, 2022

Slaying your period: with Elinor Charlotte
Meet Elinor Charlotte, a slow fashion queen, print-mixer and certified ohne babe whose daily outfits always leave us dizzy with wonder. She loves spending her free time journalling, reading, watching documentaries on Netflix and looking at cute animal videos on tiktok (a woman after our own heart). We caught up with Elinor to chat all-things period related and discuss why she’s swooning over our latest collection of period pants.

Tell us about your period toolkit, what mix of products do you use (tampons/pads/period pants)?
I have always tended to be a pad girl and so I gravitate towards pads over tampons. No reason other than personal preference! I am now a convert to the OHNE period pants because COMFORT IS EVERYTHING!
What's your favourite 
style/colour combo from 
the og collection?
I LOVE the lilac high rise period pant pair and want about 
1,083,423 to complete my collection. ;)
In one word, what do 
ohne period pants feel like?
What most surprised you about wearing ohne period pants?
How soft they were! I’m used to scratchy pads and to now be rid of these was a revelation. The period pants are velvety in feel and so comfortable to wear all day long.
Do you have any period rituals or hacks?
Have a hot water bottle lie across your stomach at night before you go to bed. so soothing and warm and eases cramps.
Do you have any period horror stories?
I was once a guest in someone’s house and leaked/bled all over their sheets. nightmare situation right?! they were totally understanding however and it’s just a case of popping the sheets in the wash.
What's your current anthem (what song or album do you have on repeat?)
go easy on me - adele – because who doesn’t at the moment?!
What's your favourite form of 
Journalling. I know I’m in a good head-space when I actively make time to journal a few times a week and it makes me feel so good.
Do you have a mantra or affirmation that keeps you grounded?
Nothing is permanent, everything is temporary.
What's your period persona (it can be anything — a cartoon character, celebrity, gif...anything)?
Grumpy from snow white ;)
What's your go-to period snack?
Bread!! carbs carbs carbs for me. A baguette/bagel/farmhouse loaf… all that good stuff.
Last but not least, why do you think it's so important to destigmatize periods and to speak openly about our experiences as people who bleed?
Menstruation and bleeding is a shared experience among people across the globe. Because bleeding has become a cultural taboo, there exists a lack of knowledge, information and accessible resources for many. Removing the stigma and those barriers will only serve better those who feel oppressed from their menstruation, and those who oppress them for it. Talking more about periods can only be a positive thing, as it will help younger people especially feel good about themselves and their bodies, helping them to feel safe talking about the subject.
Ohne Team
Image credit: @elinorcharlotte