Slaying your period with Imogen Ivy

By Nikki Michelsen

Nov 4, 2022

Slaying your period with Imogen Ivy
If you’ve seen Imogen gloriously dancing on your Instagram feed - you’ll understand why we’re so in love with her infectious energy. Imogen is an australian curve model, “fave looney on Instagram living in London” and endlessly talented ohne babe who we’ve been lucky enough to get to know. Keep reading to hear about Imogen's 365 days of dance project, her period hacks and her advice for boosting your self-confidence.

Your "dancing every day for a year" project is UNBELIEVABLE and brings so much joy. Can you speak to this project -- What does it mean to you? What inspired you to start this? What has it brought to your life?

Movement is a privilege. I learnt this the hard way. I had some pretty scary medical times back in 2019. Once I got my life and health back I just found myself dancing around the house lots. I recorded it once and to my surprise people loved seeing it. Ha. I moved to London feb 2020 and found dancing to be such a release for me. It clears my mind, makes me happy and has actually help heal from my medical ptsd. Dancing makes me feel good. It’s simple. It’s an incredible bonus and blessing to me that it also makes other people feel good to watch. 
The dancing everyday for a year challenge was inspired by Demi Jenkins! @peachyskaterr she has just completed her daily skate challenge. I thought I would give it a crack and see if I can do it!

Why do you think it's so important to destigmatise periods and speak openly about our experiences as people who bleed?

Femalehood, menstrual cycles, bodies in general are just so badass to me. Like people can grow another human inside of them. I’ve never hated away about talking about my vulva, my period, womanhood because I don’t see why it should be taboo. IT SHOULD BE CELEBRATED. I also grew up in a nudist female household so those conversations have always been normal to me. Becoming an adult, I then learnt it hasn’t been as easy of a conversation for other households.

Tell us about your period toolkit, what mix of products do you use (tampons/pads/period pants)?

I am period pants girl now. I have regular and super tampons on handy always (good for when I’m swimming, modelling, chuck in bag for emergency surprise attacks, etc.) but in the ideal comfort world, I would be a period pants gal every cycle.

What's your favourite style/colour combo from the ohne period pant collection?

I love the high waist orange! Any of the high waist range tbh.

In one word, what do ohne period pants feel like? 

Soft!!!!!! + the most absorbative period pants I’ve ever worn. 

Do you have any period rituals or hacks?

Cbd oil! Which ohne actually gifted me months ago haha. I'm not even saying that because you are ohne. I have endometriosis and pcos and to calm my mood and pain cbd has worked wonders.

What are your top 3 favourite songs to dance to?

anything Beyoncé always get my big pussy energy going HARD.

What's your period persona (it can be anything — a cartoon character, celebrity, gif, anything)

Hmm. Scooby doo. I’m all over the joint.

When do you feel your most fantastic?

Naked, lying in the sun after doing a mega dance sesh. 

For people who are struggling with tapping into their confidence - do you have any advice to give?

Treat yourself like someone you love. The kinder you are to yourself, the less limiting you will be with yourself. Lack of confidence is fuelled by self doubt. Speak kindly to yourself and your body, and you’ll see a change in confidence I promise.

What are you most grateful for right now?

My health <3
Ohne Team
Image credit:  @imogenfkingivy