Slaying your period with Lucy Evers

By Nikki Michelsen

Nov 3, 2022

Slaying your period with Lucy Evers
Lucy Evers’ bio may be one of the greatest things we’ve ever seen. She describes herself as a “wholesome period vocal loud mouth and menstruating musician trying to navigate how to bleed successfully since '94.” truly legendary. Lucy is the lead vocalist of the alt-pop band Orchards - you can stream their shimmery, bombastic tracks here and follow her personal IG here. But aside from music, she’s passionate about dismantling period shame and hosts her very own period-centric podcast called My First Period. We met Lucy over at the drop - the dedicated online space for all online babes (p.s. click here if you’ve yet to join). We caught up with Lucy to talk about breaking period stigmas, being a woman in the music industry and her favourite forms of self-care.

Why do you think it's so important to destigmatise periods and speak openly about our experiences as people who bleed?

Because stigma creates division, creates shame, breeds embarrassment, breeds fear. Which often leads to conditions being undiagnosed. I always say, nothing happens until there's a change in conversation. There's outdated, negative and dangerous comments that circle round (especially in schools, but unfortunately that follows into later life) that manufacture these stigmas. Over half of the population bleed and human life itself isn't possible without a menstruating uterus. These nasty comments feed so deeply into your life. I was 25 before I stopped hiding pads up my sleeve. If they gross you out, grow up (IMHO). There's so many important aspects of being a uterus owner that I had no awareness of until my adult years because I was too ashamed to ask. No, don't get me wrong I wasn't shy about periods. With my Mum and a few family members I was super open and asked so many questions, but amongst friends and people my own age I was terrified I'd be judged or called names. That is wrong. I do believe these stigmas are built up due to a lack of education but that just shouldn't be the case anymore. 'Boys and Girls' shouldn't be separated for menstrual education. Everybody needs to know because everbody knows someone who bleeds and might need to help someone one day. 

As a woman in the music industry, what's been the biggest obstacle/biggest lesson learned?

BINS IN TOILETS. Backstage areas, at this point in my career, leave an awful lot to be desired. But due to the fact that the vast majority of venue promoters and runners don't bleed I do understand how certain aspects could be overlooked. However, how there is no bin in dressing room bathrooms I'll never understand. The biggest issue was people being sheepish or shocked around how vocal I am. My period is more often than not brought on early by stress and that means, touring. As joyful as it is, stress sneaks in everywhere. I am the only menstruator in the room 98% of the time (pre-audience) and walk in, pad in hand complaining that my ovaries have me in a headlock immediately sets the tone that I am not hiding it, get used to it, quickly. Touring was actually one of the things that led me to be as period vocal as I am. Having Endo, my periods can be intensely painful and sometimes when I'm a ball of hot water bottle and puffer jacket in the corner, people need to know that it's not because I'm a 'diva' it's because the option is this or cry. As a woman/marginalised gender in this industry means you always have a target on your back and the teeniest of waiver in perfection means that target is illuminated with arrows pointing it out. So, being open can sometimes be the difference between people thinking you're a bitch or not. 

Do you have any period rituals or hacks?

Is a Hot Water Bottle and its the balm count? haha. I couldn't get through a period without either. At this point in my menstrual health it's become a ritual to check my period app and say out loud 'I wasn;t even meant to start my period today' but that's just my body haha. 

What’s your period persona (it can be anything — a cartoon character, celebrity, gif, anything)

If your vagina had an anthem, what would it be.

'Waiting For a Star to Fall' by Boy Meets Girl 

Tell us about your period toolkit, what mix of products do you use (tampons/pads/period pants)?

I'm a pad babe all day long. It's a finely tuned rhythm now. I know the perfect moment to swap them and how long I can realistically have one on. I have a hot water bottle gaffa taped to me at any given moment and a it's the balm glued to my hand just in case! I get pretty nauseous so I always have a box of grapes in the fridge as a good sugar filled snack and a bar of Tony's Chocoloney Sea Salt and Almond in the arm of the sofa just in case. 

Do you have any period horror stories?

My first period was actually a full horror story. Maybe one day I'll do a podcast about my own first period, but I was walking to Maths for the first lesson of the day and felt a little dizzy and vomity all of a sudden. Assumed I was just hungry (I'm very food driven) so carried on. Then about half way through the class I felt all hot and sweaty very quickly. Moved a little in my seat to rearrange what I thought was a weirdly sweaty butt and ran my hand along the back of my trousers and to my shock my hand came back up a bit red and sticky. I panicked. Grabbed my bag and asked the teacher if I could leave. She said no and me (literally the definition of a good two shoes) ran out of the class anyway. Hid in the upstairs teacher toilets (I knew the code because my Mums best friend worked in the school) and called my Mums friend. She thankfully came to my rescue, but it was a bit of a weird way to start this bloody journey!

What are your favorite forms of self-care?

A bath. There is nothing better than a scalding hot bath. 

For people struggling with their mental health, what’s a bit of advice you’d give?

Everything comes out in the wash. It's the most universal advice my Mum has ever given me. In the moment it does feel like the world is ending. But as soon as that red cloud blows over everything will sort itself out in time. I have regular breakdowns and I'm also very honest about that (I've written an entire album about it) but it does get better. No matter how lonely you feel, you are never ever alone. Ever. 

What song/album are you listening to most these days?

An awful lot of tick tick boom. Jon Larson is a genius. I've been revisiting 2000s indie (because it's coming back) and surprisingly the Cars soundtracks. That might sound weird but find them again. They have some absolute bangers on them! 

Who are some of your biggest artistic inspirations?

Wow. What a question. Okay. Quick fire. Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Jessie J, Paul McCartney, YEBBA, Madness, No Doubt, Everything Everything, Imogen Heap, Eagles. God, I could really go on!

What astrological sign are you? And what’s a stereotype of your sign that you actually relate with (ex: I’m a pisces and yes I cry all the time)

I'm an Aries Sun, Leo Moon and Pisces Rising. Honestly. I don't know how I get anything done! I'm super super determined, stubborn and wildly passionate. But at home I'm very subdued and yes I cry all the time too. I think I cry most days. 

When do you feel your most fantastic?

On stage. About 3 songs in. 
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