Tap into the power of the full moon with these easy rituals

By Nikki Michelsen

Nov 4, 2022

Tap into the power of the full moon with these easy rituals
The full moon is the perfect time to reset and release anything that no longer serves you - from limiting beliefs to toxic habits. We rounded up a few of our fave full-moon rituals to harness the sky’s potent energy tonight. ✨

Why use the moon as a cycle?

Simply put: the lunar cycle lasts 29.8 days so it aligns perfectly with menstrual cycles as the average is 28 days. Whether you’re already aware of the moon phases and their distinct meanings (we see you witchy babes) or if you’re new to all this celestial magic, tracking your cycle to the moon is a fun and handy way to keep track of your phases.

how to use the moon?

Look up a moon calendar and write down where the moon is alongside where you are on your period cycle. Are you bleeding during the full moon? New moon? Somewhere in between? Keep track and see how your cycle shifts over time and if you notice any patterns.


1. declutter your space

Tune into your inner Marie Kondo and do a deep clean of your space. Donate old clothes you no longer use, tidy up your desk, clean out your cupboards - decluttering is the name of the game. They say a clear space makes for a clear mind, so it's the perfect time to reassess your belongings and keep only the things that *spark joy* a la miss kondo. It'll be tough to part with random items at first, but the more you commit to keeping only the essentials, the more refreshed and energized you (and your home) will feel.

2. cleanse your own energy

Cleanse your energy by drawing yourself a hot bath and visualising any heaviness or negativity melting away. Hot tip: pop one of our cbd-infused bath bombs for full relaxation.

3. release what no longer serves you

Light a candle and reflect on the month with meditation - what are you ready to release? what limiting beliefs can you let go of? What patterns or cycles can come to an end? The full moon is a time of major catharsis. Let lady luna take away everything you no longer need, whether it's a toxic habit or a one-sided relationship. Write everything down on a piece of paper and set it ablaze! The full moon is like the phoenix rising from the ashes - let your fullest, brightest self be revealed by burning away any and all dead weight.

4. set intentions

Set some goals and intentions for the month ahead and focus on the next steps - are your goals in line with your beliefs and values? How can you break down your goals into manageable steps? It's helpful to make these intentions really tangible - the more you can literally see yourself going through the actions of fulfilling your intentions, the more likely you'll succeed in bringing them to life! There's no denying that we're super visual creatures - take some time to meditate and visualise the outcome of your intentions. How do you feel? Where are you? What are you wearing? The more details, the better.

5. charge your crystals

Charge your crystals so they soak up all that potent moon magic! You can pop your crystal in sunlight for some tlc whenever but this ritual will be most powerful when the moon is at its peak. On a full moon, pop your crystal outside (or on your windowsill) and leave it to just bathe. Don’t forget to retrieve it in the morning as some crystals can be damaged by too much time in the sun. Oh and also, if you can place your crystal in the actual earth, they will love you for it. It’s nice for them to visit their original home every once in a while. If you’re new to crystals, we’ve written all about our favourites here.
happy full moon, babes!
Ohne Team
Photo credit: BodyAndSoul (Unsplash)