THE EDIT: We tested the hottest products for Valentine's Day, so you don't have to.

By Nikki Michelsen

Feb 3, 2023

THE EDIT: We tested the hottest products for Valentine's Day, so you don't have to.

Let's be honest: Valentine's day can be overwhelming. If you're partnered, the pressure to plan the perfect date can wind up feeling ultra contrived. And if you're single, the barrage of Instagram PDA and schmaltzy romance is enough to leave you feeling nauseous and cynical. Instead, we're using Valentine's Day as a reminder to shower ourselves with love (yes, buy yourself a bouquet!!) and to prioritise our own pleasure. Enter the best pleasure products on the market — from stand-out vibrators to orgasm-promoting sex oils, these ohne favourites have been tested by experts and community members alike. What's more, every single product in this edit was made by a purpose-driven brand that's passionate about making the sexual wellness space more accessible and less taboo. We'll cheers to that.

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Without further ado:

1. Vibe by Maude

We're all about the blending of wellbeing and sexual health - and this Maude vibe is the perfect addition to your bedside table aesthetic. As a toy, it's simple yet effective - and works well as part of partner play. 

2. Intimate Arousal Serum by Dame

If you're looking to add an extra kick to your partner play, we'd recommend this product by Dame. Made with peppermint, ginger and cinnamon it was designed to increase arousal and heighten pleasure. This one is also oral sex friendly - adding a new dimension to foreplay. 

3. Woody by Klub Venus 

One of our ultimate favourites at ohne - and an all time bestseller. Woody is the all in one toy you didn't know you needed. Woody is *very* quiet (so the perfect toy for a weekend getaway) and can be used on the clitoris, the nipples, the perineum or wherever feels good. See? Multi-functional. 

4. Joy Jelly Tingling Lubricant by The Oh Collective

We love tools that we can add to our sexual wellness routines & that add a little spice. This lubricant most definitely definitely does that. Joy Jelly is infused with a stimulating dose of menthol so it's guaranteed to warm up foreplay. If you're worried about Joy Jelly being stingy - our testers raved that it works even with sensitive skin! 

5. Soak No. 1 Bath Salts by Maude

Maude's Soak No.1 is the perfect addition to your Valentines evening - particularly if your focus is an evening of full blown self-care. The soak has warming notes of amber and cedar leaf - blended with hand harvested crystals from the Southern Dead Sea. So relaxing, so soothing + ideal for an evening alone. 

6. The Big O Sex Oil by Mantle

Mantle are one of our absolute favourite new brands around. When this stimulating CBD sex oil came out we *had* to add it to the range. The Big O was designed to heat up your most sensual moments and has been highly recommend by our testers for solo play. 

7. After Hours by Playground

If you're looking for a silky smooth lubricant (that boasts being plant based + pH balanced too) enter After Hours. Not only does the bottle look gorgeous on your bedside table, the musk and oud wood essence in the formula is blended with adaptogens (also known as superherbs) to increase blood flow + libido. 

8. Sexy Drops by Blooming Blends

Fluctuating hormones, stress, and the daily ups and downs of life can have a big impact on our libido. Sexy drops is a potent blend of botanicals that was designed to ignite your senses and boost libido naturally. If you (or a partner!) are looking for a little support to light that inner fire...this is your saviour. 

9. KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus by Wild Nutrition

We can't talk about sex & libido without mentioning stress. Stress and anxiety can trigger higher levels of cortisol (your body's main stress hormone) which can suppress the sex hormones that impact desire. Wild Nutrition's Ashwagandha supplement is the perfect tool to work on reducing the impact of stress on the body, which in turn can support increased libido levels! 

10. Aer by Dame


Last, but most definitely not least - we'll leave you with this mind-blowing review from our testers: "Aer feels quite luxurious, soft to the touch, perfect to hold and easy to manipulate to what you want using the buttons (which are very well thought through). Top tip: this toy is perfect for partner play, and makes things even more exciting..."

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