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"your menstrual cycle is not a mistake" - with Women With Sparkle

"overcoming a hormone imbalance involves focusing on your body as a whole, not a series of disparate parts. Your hormones, diet, stress, sleep schedule, and exercise regime (to name a few) are all closely linked to your overall wellness..."

What I discovered about menstrual acne from Instagram - by Gina Martin

During your cycle, your skin becomes collateral damage in a battle between your hormones and your body; fluctuations of estrogen and progesterone can mean your sebaceous glands become over-eager, then the next minute you know, you’re avidly moisturising dry patches. That body of yours is working bloody hard, so of course you need to give a little more TLC.

Get to know your vagina better with these 5 taboo-busting books

Whether you consider yourself a bit of a sex-pert, or you’re just keen to get to know your body better, here’s our round-up of the five sexual wellness power-reads you should have on your radar this summer.

What the colour of your period blood really means

Have you ever looked down at your underwear and thought - wtf is that normal?! Not only is another pair of cute underwear ruined, but the unexpected colour of the bloodstain can cause some major anxiety.

Why free period pants? Our founders explain the method behind the madness

No doubt you’re here because you’re wondering why any brand would give away a huge quantity of their new product stock on launch day, or because you’re wondering what the catch is and searching for some small print that’s seemingly invisible. (To address the last point: stop looking for the small print, it doesn’t exist.)

Meet Deborah Doyle: the brilliant designer who brought our period pants to life

With over 30 years of experience in the lingerie space — designing for the likes of Marks & Spencer and Gap — Deborah Doyle brought a fashion-forward and comfort-first mentality to the design of our period pants.