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i miss your face cards

6 postcards in shades of orange and peach for when you’re missing your bffs

missing your bff? us too. join the long-distance love-club and romance your besties from afar by surprising them with some actual irl post that isn’t a bank statement or takeout menu. what better time to bring back the art of letter writing than when social distancing is keeping you and your best babes apart like star-crossed lovers?

✨ you’ll get a pack of 6 cards in different shades of orange and peach, featuring text that tells your best babes just how much you love them (and their vaginas). Postcards are blank on the reverse.

✨ avoiding the post office? good call – opt to get your stamps delivered with your cards. £4.56 for 6 stamps

✨ shipping (as ever) is on us, babe.


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