OHNE, organic tampons

organic Naked Tampons.

as naked as we get. natural tampons made from 100% organic cotton and absolutely nothing else.

  • 100% organic cotton tampons
  • 100% biodegradable tampons
  • totally natural, unscented tampons
  • bleach-free tampons
  • superior leak protection
  • protective sleeve to prevent shedding of organic tampon fibres
  • wrapped in a hypoallergenic, recyclable plastic for protection
  • available in regular, super, and super+ absorbencies
  • you design your period box: whatever number of organic tampons you need, in whichever mix of absorbencies, is what you’ll get
  • edit, cancel, or skip your period product subscription whenever
  • pay for your box. that’s it. no shipping fees or sneaky tampon tax in sight. tell us when you’re expecting your next period and we’ll deliver them straight through your letterbox. tell us how long your cycle is and we’ll do the same next month (and the month after that and the month after that…)

    got a bizarrely small letter box? no problem, just drop us a line in the chat box below and we’ll sort out a delivery system that works for you.

    free standard delivery. got a bloody emergency? we know the feeling - shoot us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

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    delivered every

    Check me out babe.

    (no cheeky surprises, we ship for free)

    From: £4.90 VAT on tampons is ridiculous. we absorb this babe. (CBD is at a standard 20% and is already included in the price!) every 4 weeks

    100% organic cotton. and (literally) nothing else.

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