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ohne-going: a work for progress

ohne prioritises diversity and inclusivity. We’re committed to self-educating, diversifying our community, and being a vocal ally in the fight against systemic racism and institutionalised oppression of all kinds. And we’re holding ourselves accountable.

This page exists thanks to the much-needed public conversation around systematic racism and police brutality that took precedence on the international news cycle at the end of May-beginning of June 2020. We made a public promise to do more to better serve our community and be an ally in the face of injustice within ohne.

  • We unequivocally support Black Lives Matter and all activists, organisations, and individuals fighting against institutionalised oppression, police brutality, and systemic racism.
  • We stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. We are passionate about trans inclusivity within the period industry and vow to continue to support all trans people – uterus or no uterus. Not all women menstruate, and not all people who menstruate are women.
  • We support all marginalised groups and identities and vow to recognise the intersections of identity including but not limited to mental health, disability, race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, and gender identity when championing feminist, health, and social justice causes.

Our current areas of focus for change within ohne are focused on how we can better show support for the BLM movement and do better to support black and non-black POC communities within ohne. 

We’ve not taken this task lightly – we recognise the huge responsibility we have to use our platform and privileges to fight for change. We recognise the ways in which we’ve failed to step up in the past. After reading as many resources as we could get our hands on and having many long conversations and meetings about changes we can make within ohne and within our communities and our industry, we’ve done just that.

Our actionable commitments are divided into the following three categories:

  • Invest
  • Educate
  • Represent 


We’re committing 50% of our creative and social partnerships budget to BAME and diverse collaborations. This means working with more black and non-black POC influencers and creatives as well as on partnerships with black-owned brands and businesses.

We’re investing our time and talents into diversifying our industry through a mentorship initiative for black-owned businesses. ohne’s co-founders, Nikki and Leah, have both enrolled as mentors in a grant accelerator programme set up by Connie Nam of Astrid & Miyu. The programme will provide grants and mentorship to the founders of Black-owned consumer brand businesses. If you have questions about enrolling in this accelerator yourself, feel free to head to the Astrid & Miyu website! 

We are also committed to investing our energies into community activism – using our voice and our privileges to effect change in the places we each call home or online. The ohne team is split across several different cities and countries, and each of the ohne team members have pledged to enroll in local or online activism that supports racial diversity and fights to end systematic oppression within their own communities. 


The recent events of the global Black Lives Matter protests and accompanying conversations online were by no-means the beginning or end of our self-education efforts. 

Every month, a different member of the ohne team will select a seminar or online course on diversity within the industry, racial injustice, or combating inequality, for the entire team to attend. 

We’ve set up a team reading club with a slack channel active daily and monthly evening meetings, where we’ll be sharing the articles, books, and fiction we’re reading in order to hold ourselves accountable to continuing our self-education and to share our personal learnings with our team. We’re big believers that one of the best ways to learn is by helping to educate someone else.  Anyone who wants access to our reading list can drop us an email and we’ll happily share.

Additionally, the members of the ohne team have individually enrolled in educational courses for personal education and betterment, so far, these include but are not limited to: Finding the Courage to be an Ally run by The Other Box; How to Inspire People to Listen, Care, Take Action, and Change the World by Alexandra Franzen; Rachel Cargle’s #DotheWork 30 day course and her ongoing syllabus The Great Unlearn.


We have not held ourselves accountable enough to diverse representation within our communities.

We’re committing to diversifying our hires at ohne and to diversifying within our wider community. This means all creative partners, models, ambassadors, and of course within our cherished ohne community. It is our absolute priority that everyone feels welcome and represented by ohne – if our community as a whole is not representative of the diversity and range of experiences in our society, we’re not doing our jobs properly.

We’re also championing diversity within our industry as a whole: mentoring black business owners to close the diversity gap within the wellness and femtech industries; removing ourselves from events, panels, and spaces that are all-white and being vocal about our feelings on adequate representation as well as requesting our spaces be filled by a black or non-black poc; doing the work to find the minority-helmed brands that we can use our small platform to uplift through partnerships, events, and collaborations.




We plan to keep you updated on our efforts to champion diversity, inclusion, and social justice within ohne. We will update you here or on social media (@im_ohne) as our goals evolve and change as we grow and learn. 


Something to say?

We’re all ears. Please feel free to use this (anonymous!) typeform below to share with us your thoughts, requests, and suggestions for how you’d like to see us do better. This will be up indefinitely and is not limited to matters of racial injustice – we’re open to hearing about how we can better serve every single person in our community, including (but not limited to) those of you who identify in the LGBTQ+ community, those of you who have disabilities, and those of you who are struggling with mental health problems. 

We’re not afraid of trying to improve and being told we’re fucking up, we’re afraid of doing nothing at all. We know it’s never the responsibility of the marginalised to educate us, but know that we are listening if you want to talk to us. Slide into our DMs, submit anonymously to our typeform, or email us directly. We’re all ears.

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