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organic cotton period pads

plastic-free, biodegradable pads available in daytime & nighttime absorbencies in kit sizes 6, 9, 12

  • 100% organic cotton top sheet
  • 100% biodegradable 
  • totally natural, unscented pads
  • bleach-free pads
  • superior leak protection
  • biodegradable cornstarch wrapper
  • plastic-free
  • toxin-free
  • you design your box: whatever number you need and whatever mix of absorbencies – you’ll get. edit, skip or deactivate your period product subscription whenever.

free standard delivery, through your letterbox, in a cornstarch delivery bag to reduce packaging waste.

delivered every

Check me out babe.

(no cheeky surprises, we ship for free)

From: £4.30 VAT on tampons is ridiculous. we absorb this babe. (CBD is at a standard 20% and is already included in the price!) every 4 weeks

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