Underwear that absorbs your period.

✔️ Ultra-absorbent, leak free technology

✔️ Odour eliminating + antimicrobial properties

✔️ Plastic free, reusable + eco-friendly

✔️ 60 day money-back guarantee

*Claim a full refund within 60 days if you don't love 
ohne period pants.

Modal material for silky soft comfort

Vegan and cruelty free

Good for the planet

Period underwear made easy
  • Silky modal and ultra comfy

    Soft like butter and more comfortable than your regular underwear.

  • Triple-layer technology for zero leaks

    Holds up to 5 tampons worth of blood.

  • Easy to use: machine-washable

    Wash, hang-dry and reuse.

Holds up to 15ml of blood for leak-proof, odour-free security

The inner gusset is composed of three technical layers: the top layer is made of a specialised moisture-wicking and antimicrobial fabric which draws the moisture in, followed by an ultra-absorbent layer which traps and seals the moisture completely. The final layer is a leak-proof lining, which acts as an extra barrier of precaution to prevent any drops from seeping out.

Super or Moderate?

Bleed easy while reducing menstrual waste. Our leak-proof underwear features a cutting-edge triple layer technology with an odour-eliminating finish to ensure you stay fresh, dry and completely comfortable. With two absorbencies, we've got you living your best whatever your flow.

Loved by you, whilst protecting our big blue 🌍