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    Each product is tested and approved by the ohne collective. If our community doesn’t bloody love it, we won’t stock it.

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We're a Team of Many Things - Humans, Dreamers, Change-Makers, Sex-Positive Advocates… 

Eco-warriors, wellness gurus, leopard-print enthusiasts...the list is long. But ultimately, ohne as a whole is an expression of a few core beliefs: a belief in inclusive, holistic wellness, a belief in total bodily autonomy for every human, and a belief in the destigmatisation of menstrual and sexual health. 

We started off as a small brand for bullsh*t-free period and menstrual cycle care products, and we kept envisioning more. Menstrual wellness is inextricably linked to our overall wellbeing (and vice versa), and with countless experiences, symptoms and desires going unmet, we knew we could do more. Enter: a community curated destination for the world's best products in period care, sexual wellness and wellbeing. 

Meet the people behind the vision

ohne is the lovechild of Leah and Nikki, best friends who met at uni in 2010, and a collective of so many more. From the get go, ohne was built around the craving to have the education and products to ensure agency over our menstrual cycle, and this attracted a tribe of likeminded, passionate people who make up the team behind ohne: a small family of women who all experience those pesky symptoms we know all too well (mood swings, hormonal skin, painful sex, etc) on a monthly basis. Once we realised that our dream platform wasn’t gonna drop from the sky, we knew we had to create it together.

We then took one step further and started building ohne with you; our community

After making a promise - to always and only bring you products that you’ll actually love (no buyer's remorse allowed) - we gave the final decision to our community, where every single item on site is vetted and selected by the ohne collective, a group of brilliant humans who care deeply about bodily autonomy, self-care and conscious consumption.

Committed to doing good

1% of our revenue goes to the non-profits and charities of your choice. We’re committed to giving back to organisations who work to make the world a better, more equitable place, and we love ensuring that you have your say over these donations too. Pick the charity that resonates with you at checkout, and we’ll give directly to them.

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