Eco-friendly Pregnancy Test

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The Eco Pregnancy Test 3 pack is the best way to find out if you are or if you aren’t pregnant in a sustainable, accurate and doctor-recommended way. Made from 99% paper with over 99% accuracy it is the only midstream pregnancy test that is not plastic–that we know of!
Why It's Special

Where do we start? Not only are these as accurate as the leading pregnancy test brand, but they’re made from 99% paper from Responsibly Managed Forests and are 50% recyclable meaning that they don’t take up to 30 years to break down like plastic tests. Since they’re paper, you can also write on them easily to keep a record of dates.

Supports With

→ Conception tracking
→ Environmental consciousness

Need To Know

Details→ Hoopsy's Eco Pregnancy Tests are made from 99% responsibly sourced paper with up to 99% accuracy, and are approved by EU medical authorities (CE).

How to use→ Can be used up to 5 days before your period is due. Open the test pouch when you are ready to do your test. Hold the end with the Hoopsy logo and put the other end in your urine stream for 6-10 seconds, trying not to wee over the MAX line. Put the test on a flat surface with the printed side up. Wait 5-10 minutes to read the result—the time depends on how diluted your urine is.

Ingredients→ 99% paper

The boring bits→ The Eco Pregnancy test is really easy to read, whether it is positive, negative, or invalid. Invalid may mean that you didn’t follow the instructions 100% accurately. If you get this, re-read the instructions and try again with a new test.

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Sustainability Report

→ Environmental

Made from 99% paper from Responsibly Managed Forests. The tests are 50% recyclable in paper recycling, while the packaging is 100% recyclable.


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Eco-friendly Pregnancy Test

Eco-friendly Pregnancy Test £17.99