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The holy grail of Kegel training. With 1 in every 3 women having a pelvic floor disorder during their lifetime, the award-winning Elvie Trainer helps you build strength to support everything from bladder control to faster postnatal recovery.
Why It's Special

This clever and discreet pelvic floor trainer offers a preventative measure to reduce incontinence, improve sexual wellness and increase the conversation around pelvic floor health. Sealed with medical-grade silicone and 100% waterproof, Elvie Trainer was designed based on feedback from hundreds of women, and is recommended by gynaecologists, physiotherapists and personal trainers.

Supports With

→ Core stability
→ Bladder control
→ Postnatal recovery
→ Intimate wellbeing

Need To Know

Details→ The award-winning Elvie Trainer is a fun and effective body-safe tool for building pelvic floor strength, so you get to the core of the problem. The app helps you visualize a hidden set of muscles, guiding you to perfect your technique, keep you motivated and get fast results. Supports everything from core stability to bladder control, postnatal recovery, and intimate wellbeing, Kegels improve blood circulation to the pelvic floor and vagina, which can help arousal, lubrication and orgasm.

How to use→ To insert Elvie Trainer, stand or lie with your legs shoulder width apart. Holding the Trainer where the pod connects to the tail, push the pod gently into the vaginal opening until the whole pod and about 1cm of the tail is inserted, with the rest of the tail remaining outside. If insertion is uncomfortable, try using some water-based lubricant. Once you have connected to the app and inserted Elvie Trainer, try standing with your legs shoulder width apart or lying down with your knees bent to find the most comfortable position for you. Try to exercise in the same position each time, for consistent results.

Composition→ Medical grade silicone, H80 x W35 x D33 mm, 25g

The boring bits→ Elvie Trainer is made with medical grade silicone, is BPA free, 100% waterproof and has been through rigorous safety testing, including stamp, drop, tumble, water, irritation and heat testing.

Elvie Trainer uses Bluetooth Low Energy, which offers an even lower emission than standard Bluetooth.

Elvie Trainer is CE marked, meaning it conforms with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

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Sustainability Report

→ Social + Environmental

Elvie’s Code of Conduct globally contributes to meeting the highest ethical and legal standards in development, production, sales, product support and providing services. In accordance with the UN Global Compact and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, Elvie integrates sustainability and corporate responsibility into business.


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Elvie Pelvic Trainer

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