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This sustainable, long-wear mini period cup is made from 100% ultra-premium medical-grade silicone and features a detachable ribbon to move with your body. The midi size is recommended for those who have given birth vaginally and/or have a heavy menstrual flow.
Need To Know

What→ The Midi Cone is the perfect option if you have regular to heavy flows or have given birth vaginally before. This size fits average-to-high cervix heights (the length of half-to-whole of your index finger). You can measure your cervix by inserting a clean index finger into your vagina. Keep moving until the tip of your finger is touching your cervix. You’ll be able to distinguish your cervix from the rest of your vagina, as the tissue is a little bit firmer than your vaginal walls. If you can only get the first knuckle of your finger in then you have a very low-short cervix height (so we recommend the Mini Cone). If you can get the second knuckle or more in then this cup is perfect for you!

Why→ Safe, flexible and comfortable to wear while sleeping, exercising and underwater, it offers longer wear than tampons with up to 12 hours’ wear at a time—a great beginner’s option to give you peace of mind if timekeeping isn’t your forte.

How→ The unique detachable ribbon makes removal a breeze while being flexible and comfy; the wave grip ridges aid insertion and removal; and the no-spill rim keeps the contents in the cup.

The boring bits→ Before first use and after each period…
Sterilise your Coralcone by boiling it in water for 5 minutes or soak it in a sterilising solution (follow the manufacturer’s instructions). Make sure you sterilise both the cup and the silicone ribbon—you can separate them if you want to ensure a thorough clean!

During your period…
→ Empty your cup 2 or 3 times a day (at least every 12 hours, optimally every 8), depending on the heaviness of flow.
→ If you drop your Coralcone on the floor or in the toilet bowl, wash and sterilise it again before you use it
→ Do not use if you have a vaginal abrasion
→ If you experience any pain, burning, irritation, inflammation, or discomfort urinating, remove and contact your doctor
→ Check with your doctor before using if you have an IUD/IUS or any known gynaecological condition


Made in New Zealand from 100% ultra-premium medical-grade silicone with a luxuriously silky matte finish. It’s the same material used to create breast implants so it's designed to be worn safely inside the body for long periods of time. Hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

Cup height: 58 mm
Rim diameter: 44 mm
Capacity: 25mL of fluid = 2 super plus tampons
Total ribbon length: 80 mm

Sustainability Report

→ Environmental
A great choice for you, and a great choice for the planet. $2 from the purchase of every Coralcone goes towards supporting Live Ocean, a non-profit organisation dedicated to taking care of our big, beautiful oceans.

Each Coralcone comes with a reusable and washable felt polyester storage pouch, made from recycled plastic bottles. This is wrapped in a recyclable Green Seal certified ‘’freshness seal’’.

Your Coralcone is wrapped in tissue for optimal freshness, but take a deeper peek at this tissue as it doubles up as your printed user guide. All tissue uses acid-free pulp and is printed with soy-based inks and to make it even better, our tissue manufacturers also work with One Tree Planted to help with global reforestation.


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The Midi Cone

The Midi Cone £30.00

Detachable ribbon

The pièce de résistance. It gives you all the familiarity and comfort of a cord — ideal if you’re transitioning from tampons.

Smart, innovative design

Angled suction air holes, a no-spill rim, grip edges, pour spout, push dimples and liquid measurement lines make this cup a standout.

Luxuriously soft

Designed with a soft and silky matte finish that seamlessly molds to your body’s shape.

✅ Hypoallergenic
❌ Toxin-free
How To Use
  • Step 1

    Attach the ribbon (if you want to add it) with clean hands to your steralised Coralcone.

  • Step 2

    Push down on the rim so it creates a spout. Spout first, insert into the vagina towards the small of your back. Once in position, squeeze the base so it pops open. Give it a gentle tug to check it’s securely in place.

  • Step 3

    Remove the Coralcone with clean hands. You can use the ribbon to help you reach the base. Pinch the sides in so it releases the seal, gently pull downwards and tilt to slide out. Empty the contents into the toilet, rinse with clean water and reinsert.


Coralcone | Founded 2021

"Coralcone was created by vagina owners for vagina owners to offer the most comfortable, eco-friendly menstrual cup on the market. Frustrated with limited period care options and the environmental impact of menstrual products, founder Yvette Shum created Coralcone to help both period-havers and the planet live better."

Rated 4.0 stars
Based on 3 reviews
3 reviews
  • L(
    Lucy (ohne collective m.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 4 stars
    3 months ago

    I was nervous about trying a menstrual cup but found this one really easy to use and comfortable too! Top : follow the instructions provided and you'll be fine!

  • C(
    Chloe (ohne collective m.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 3 stars
    3 months ago

    I liked how it came packaged and the instructions were part of the packaging. And the pouch it comes in. Top tip: Keep calm and maybe practice putting it in. Don’t rush.

  • N(
    Nia (ohne collective m.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 stars
    3 months ago

    I have used menstrual cups before and this one I found particularly comfortable where I could easily insert it and I couldn’t feel it. It felt secure and it was easy to take out, and easy to clean too.

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