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your best babe just gifted you ohne ✨ 🎁

your best babe thinks you’re bloody fantastic and bought you an exclusive ohne digital gift card so you can treat yourself like the queen that you are.

steps to redeem

claim your credit

your credit has been added to the email address your friend entered for you when she bought your gift card.

if you don’t have an ohne account:

you simply need to visit the reset password page and enter your email address. you’ll then be able to set a password, log in and your credit will automatically be applied to any order you make with ohne.

already have an ohne account:

provided your babe gave us the email you used to create your ohne account – then just log in and your credit should be there. it will automatically apply to any order (or box renewal) with ohne.

how to make a purchase

ensure you are logged in, then just browse through our products or visit the gift shop and fill your cart to your heart’s content. your store credit will automatically be applied in the cart.

if you’re buying an ohne subscription – your credit will automatically be used again your future renewals until it runs out (or you use it to purchase other goodies).


when does it expire

never! use your ohne credit whenever you like.

how can I check my balance?

simply log in to your account and click on the ‘share the love’ tab. you’ll see any stored credit here – both credit that has been gifted to you, and credit that has been earned by sharing the love.

can I transfer my credit?

no – your ohne credit was a gift for you so it’s yours only.

my friend entered my email incorrectly

that’s ok! use the chat bubble in the bottom right to let us know and we can fix up your email address.

working to
unf*ck the planet.

we like to think long-term, period. and that means not leaving our period products around on earth for generations after we’re gone ourselves. the average pad can take well over 500 years to decompose (some researchers reckon 800!), meaning they’ll probably outlive not only us, but our grandkids too. 

we’re in this for the planet, simple as. ohne products are organic, toxin-free, biodegradable and plastic free. ohne is certified by both Soil Association and GOTS and as animal lover-friendly as we bet you are (read: vegan and cruelty free).

spreading the love

we’re passionate about period poverty – eradicating it, that is. and we’re committed to helping in the global fight against it. as an ohne babe, every single subscription that lands on your doorstep is not only contributing to your own menstrual health, but to the health and happiness of young people living in period poverty both at home and globally. 

we’re partnered with an incredible organisation, School Club Zambia. an NGO based in rural Zambia, they’re dedicated to fighting period poverty through long-term, sustainable measures. kids in the programme learn how to make reusable pads for themselves and their community and – think a focus on education, upskilling, and sustainable period products and facilities. sounds good, right? find out more here.

you & your ohne

absorb me up

we’re all different – and so are our flows. ohne tampons are available in naked and biodegradable applicators (regular, super and super +) and pads are available in day and night time absorbencies. you can mix n match however many you need of each. and if you don’t nail it the first time round, don’t worry, because you can edit your box whenever you want

edit away, babe

your ohne subscription is as flexible as your fave yogi – edit your mix, your number of products, and even when we send them to you whenever you need to. if you’ve been over ambitious on the ordering you can also skip a delivery whenever you need to give yourself time to use up your stock.

oh and don’t forget about our range of all-natural cycle care products which you can add on to your order at any time. from pro-period CBD oils to herbal tinctures and from CBD chocolates to period pack accessories, no matter what your cycle needs are, we’ve got your back (and your vagina).

make some friends

give some love, get some love. for every person you refer, they’ll get 50% discount on their first ohne botox and you’ll get £5 added to your ohne account.

you can find your unique referral code in your account, or here!

returns, refunds, and retrying-to-make-you-smile

we’re pretty damn confident you’ll love these little beauties, but, alas, not all relationships are perfect. if you’re not happy, give us a shout at: due to the intimate nature of our products we’re unable to accept physical returns but we’ll do as much as we possibly can to put a smile on your face again.


we’d love to hear what you think of your ohne products. get in touch with us at 

let’s be social! we’re ohne…

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