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the ohne story

ohne is the lovechild of leah and nikki (that’s us, with all the hair and obsession with leopard-print), best friends who met at uni in 2010. having never planned on going into business together, ohne was the product of one too many wine-fuelled rants about the mainstream period product industry and letting ourselves get carried away with ideas for the period brand of our dreams.

once we realised that dream-brand wasn’t just gonna drop from the sky, we knew we had to create it ourselves.

we started off with the simple idea that everyone should be able to manage their period however they want, fitting around their lives, schedule, and bloody needs. because every period is different… And so is every cycle. we know that taking the time to put you and your body first shouldn’t stop when your period does. we’re here to help you learn about your body, understand your hormones, and focus on your whole cycle, because you’re a human with a uterus every day – not just the days you’re bleeding from your vagina. 

nikki & leah x

school club
zambia project.

did you know that nikki used to live in zambia? she worked with an organisation called school club zambia – and she loved it so much she brought a little piece of it home with her. this means that every time an ohne babe buys tampons, they’re directly supporting SCZ’s efforts to end period poverty for schoolgirls in rural zambia. wanna get involved?

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