Ch-ch-ch-changes: the lowdown on some new pricing stuff

Jun 18, 2019 | all, our women | 1 comment

We’re shaking things up (just a bit, no need to panic – you’ll still be getting your tampons delivered to ya, right when you need ‘em). We just thought you’d wanna have the 411 on what exactly is changing and if/how it affects your purse strings.


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So, as we’re pretty sure all our OHNE babes know by now, we used to have a fixed price point for all our boxes. No matter the absorbency type, no matter how many you needed. We wanted to make it as simple as possible for you all to edit your boxes as often as you needed to until you found the perfect fit for you and your cycle (we also thought that it’d make things a lil easier on the babes with the heavier/longer periods).

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But the times they are a changin’ and the OHNE babes are a-growing. And a-talking. And word on the street is that most of you would prefer to pay per box size – meaning that if you change the number of tampons you want from one cycle to the next, the price changes too. Makes sense, right?

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So, what are the new prices? We’re so glad you asked.

Applicator Tampons (previously £6.80) :

8-12: £5.90
16: £6.40
20: £6.80
24: £7.25

Naked (non-app) Tampons (previously £5.80):

8-12: £4.90
16: £5.40
20: £5.80
24: £6.25

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It sure is. But no matter what, babe, we’ve always got your back – and (say it with us) your vagina. If you have any questions about the info above, wanna share some thoughts, or like, just say hi, our inbox is open any time. Literally, any time, about anything. We love chatting to you lot more than we love this season of Big Little Lies. Which is a lot.

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